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New SCHOTT display
In the new exhibition customers and business partners cannot only view the products and technologies, but also try them out for themselves. The interactive approach encourages communication. Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

Experience SCHOTT and marvel

The new ”WORLD OF SCHOTT” at company headquarters in Mainz is an entirely multimedia and interactive experience. It invites visitors to embark on an exciting journey of discovery into the SCHOTT product and technology world.

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At the press of a button, an apparatus inside a glass display case bends a pane of ultra-thin glass to a radius of only a few millimeters. Different colored aircraft cabin lighting scenarios can be modeled on cozy Business Class seats. A kitchen setting with modern home appliances, touch panels and elegant glass doors shows the latest kitchen trends. Along with many other exhibits that can be touched and felt, modern information media takes us to a fascinating, new ”World of SCHOTT” – a world of technology that presents glass and the expertise SCHOTT has as an innovative partner and pioneer for future technologies in an exciting, informative and interactive manner.
New SCHOTT display
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

The visitor learns what glass and glass innovations make possible – thoughtfully designed and structured by topic. The application spectrum ranges from ”Home Appliances,” ”Astro & Imaging,” ”Industrial Technologies,” to ”Life Science,” ”Pharmaceuticals,” ”Electronics,” ”Energy,” ”Automotive,” ”Aviation,” and the ”InnoLab.” Special emphasis is placed on multimedia infotainment. A wide variety of additional information, such as graphics, videos and texts, can be controlled interactively by using multi-touch tables, touch monitors and fields. Image films and presentations can be shown on large media walls and ”split screens.” Along a 12-meter-long ”Milestone” wall, visitors receive information about the company’s history, technological milestones and glass developments by way of a timeline from 1884 to the present day. A model of the plant that was produced by using a 3-D printer provides detailed information about the buildings and functions in Mainz.
New SCHOTT display
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell
The arrangement of the panels, pedestals and seat elements allows for the exhibits to be viewed from an unusual angle. The unique design language is based on the irregular molecular structure of glass. The 500-square-foot showroom stimulates discussions with customers and business partners alike. ”With the ’World of SCHOTT,’ we want people to be able to experience our spirit of ’Innovators at heart, enablers at work.’ At the same time, the exhibition is yet another component of our new global brand identity that asks the question ’What’s your next milestone?’ ” explains Salvatore Ruggiero, Head of Marketing and Communication at SCHOTT. With its Milestone image campaign, SCHOTT is engaging in an active dialogue with customers around the world and putting the common goal that customers and the company share at the center of its communication activities. <
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