Vorstand der SCHOTT AG
Board of Management of SCHOTT AG: Klaus Rübenthaler, Dr. Frank Heinricht (Chairman), Dr. Heinz Kaiser and Hermann Ditz (from left to right).
Dear readers,

Sometimes innovations are far ahead of their time. Take the laser disc, for example. Even back in the late 1980s, it offered better reproduction quality in a larger size than VHS video cassettes, but could not prevail. This technology finally celebrated success 20 years later in the form of a DVD.

We are experiencing pretty much the same thing with our ultra-thin glass. About ten years ago, the market for this fascinating development was not yet ripe. Now, it is paving the way for inno-vations in future markets such as microelectronics and the semiconductor industry. Ultra-thin glass will fully demonstrate its flexibility in the smartphones of the future, for example, and make possible special glass properties that were never possible before.

But how is ultra-thin glass able to take off now? Of course, this requires interested customers and end users. But before that, developers need to be passionate, creative and courageous and to consciously cross borders in order to be able to form marketable products from an invention. At the same time, we must constantly explore markets for new applications and open up new markets.

We ourselves are always surprised with what new fields of application open up for the high-tech material glass. Whether it’s in astronomy, environmental technology, for applications in metrology or while shopping in the refrigerated food department. In this issue of our magazine, you’ll learn more about how glass is driving innovation and how we achieve many milestones together with our customers.

We wish you inspiring reading.
Dr. Frank Heinricht
Hermann Ditz
Dr. Heinz Kaiser
Klaus Rübenthaler