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Display Coatings
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Goodbye to scratches and glare

The natural enemies of smartphone and tablet displays won’t stand a chance against the new coating solution ”Hard & Clear” from SCHOTT.

Dr. Haike Frank

Keys, coins, and sand in handbags or trouser pockets can cause annoying scratches on a smartphone display. Bright sunlight can make it impossible to read touchscreens. The ultimate protection from these spoilsports is now available: the new coating solution ”Hard & Clear” from SCHOTT. Type I, the ultra hard coating, reduces scratches by more than 95 percent over traditional aluminosilicate cover glass, achieving a performance close to that of sapphire. This coating also cuts reflections by 75 percent. Type II, the durable anti-reflection coating, reduces reflection by 85 percent and scratches by 90 percent. The coating’s residual reflection of only 0.6 percent means it is the best anti-reflective coating available for smartphones, making it possible to read messages outside in direct sunlight.
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Still intact even after 10,000 rubs with steel wool

”Our intensive stress tests have shown that our coatings outperform all other products currently available,” notes Hartmut Zahel-Mahlberg, SCHOTT Product Manager for the new ”Hard & Clear” coatings. This innovation can be used with all glass substrates, whether aluminosilicate or soda-lime glass, and fits in seamlessly with manufacturers’ supply chains. SCHOTT will license its technology to coating specialists. The first licensing partner, the Chinese display coating specialist ZhengXing, is scheduled to begin mass production in July 2015.<