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Thanks to CERAN® Smart View, bright and clearly illuminating light displays can now be integrated into a standard black CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel. Photo: SCHOTT/A. Stephan

Bright, Clear, Smart

Cooking with innovative light displays is shaping the future of cooking appliances. CERAN® Smart View supports this trend and meets the demands placed on modern cooking appliance design.

Dr. Haike Frank

SCHOTT introduced a new generation of black CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels five years ago that is capable of displaying the commonly-used red display light, and, for the first time ever, blue display light as well. This trend toward different types of lighting and display concepts is currently manifesting itself in an increasing number of home appliances such as ovens and refrigerators.

Black glass-ceramic surfaces with red display lights can still be found in most cooking appliances, however. The reason is that, due to the physical properties of glass-ceramic, it is only possible to a limited extent to combine brighter, higher contrast and sharper display elements with a black glass-ceramic cooktop panel. Besides the requirements that innovative cooking appliance designs must meet, we are also seeing a growing demand by the home appliance industry for displays that come in different colors.

SCHOTT's latest development supports this very trend. With CERAN® Smart View, the company has brought a new technology to market that allows display and control elements to shine extremely brightly with particularly high contrast. A true innovation for the appliance industry.
CERAN® Smart View
Whether it's a slider or a 7-segment display, CERAN® Smart View allows for display and control elements to appear rich in contrast – an innovation for the cooking appliance industry. Photo: SCHOTT
Thanks to this innovative feature, bright and clearly illuminating light displays can now be integrated into a standard black CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel. “We can now achieve better light transmission than with conventional solutions. In addition, by using color compensation filters, white light and precise color shades with colored light can be produced. Thanks to the immersion coating used, the contours that are normally soft now appear extremely sharp. Optical distortions are now no longer a problem,” explains Dr. Jörn Besinger, Head of Product Management for CERAN®. ”The effect of our Smart View technology can also be observed in the brightness of the displays themselves. Multi-point or two dimensional bright spots in the control area are no longer visible externally, regardless of whether the displays are turned on or off, and there are no color differences over the entire cooktop panel,” he adds. This ”dead front effect” delivers a more homogeneous appearance that consumers really appreciate.

Other advantages for appliance manufacturers: CERAN® Smart View is an additional component of a standard cooktop panel; therefore, there is no need to subject other materials used in manufacturing to time-consuming approval processes. ”Light is becoming a defining element of future cooking appliance designs. SCHOTT will support this trend by offering innovative product ideas and smart solutions,” Besinger concludes. <
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