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borosilicate glass
Photo: Höweler + Yoon

Touching magic made of glass, light and sound

40 touch-sensitive glass columns at the Dubai Mall, one of the world‘s largest shopping centers, invite visitors to a concert for the senses. The artistic interactive installation Aviary from the architecture firm Höweler + Yoon from Boston produces unique light and sound compositions when it is touched or wiped. These 2.5- to 4-meter high objects made of borosilicate glass from SCHOTT were all equipped with a sensitive foil and a light core. <
Photo: SCHOTT/O. Szekely

60 Years in Brazil

Happy Birthday Rio de Janeiro: SCHOTT’s first production site outside of Germany is celebrating its diamond birthday. SCHOTT officially became part owner of the factory that the German Arnold Dyckerhoff had purchased in Brazil in the 1940s, some 60 years ago. By working together, SCHOTT and Dyckerhoff managed to set up glass tubing production, which SCHOTT took over completely in 1966. Vitrofarma, the current SCHOTT plant employing a staff of 180, is the market leader in Brazil and also exports to North and South America. Approximately five million euros will be invested in its renovation in 2015. <
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Photo: SCHOTT/C. Costard

New Glass-Ceramic Power

SCHOTT is presenting a unique new class of dielectric materials for use in high voltage capacitors under the name POWERAMIC™. These highly homogeneous, pore-free glass-ceramics offer extremely high energy storage density and excellent dielectric properties even at high temperatures. They allow for smaller and lighter capacitors with higher power density in high voltage applications. These types of components are needed, for example, for excimer lasers and X-ray ­devices in industry and medicine, industrial high voltage supply systems, and power grids for renewable energy. <
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Award-Winning Cabin Panes

SCHOTT was presented with the Crystal Cabin Award, an international innovation prize from the German city of Hamburg, for its innovative interior window panes in passenger aircraft. This laminate made of the specialty glass Xensation® Cover and foils that was developed in cooperation with Diehl Aircabin is the first product of its kind. It is approximately 40 percent lighter, thinner and more scratch-resistant than standard products made of plastic. In addition, it passes all relevant breakage tests and meets all of the fire-resistance requirements for aircraft cabins. This new laminate provides added benefits for designers, airlines and passengers. <
Photo: DELO

New Material Laminate Prevents Glass Splinters

A new, break-resistant cover glass laminate for use in vehicle displays could improve traffic safety. SCHOTT and DELO Industrie Klebstoffe are cooperating on developing such a product and were able to show in trials that their displays meet all the safety requirements of the automotive industry and protect against cuts incurred in accidents. For the trials, the extremely strong aluminosilicate glass Xensation® Cover from SCHOTT was firmly bonded to the LCD display. Unlike conventional displays, there is no air between the LCD and the cover glass, but rather the high-tech adhesive from DELO. In head crash tests, the glass remained intact and, in contrast to standard displays, prevented splinters from forming. <

One Million Certificates

In 1999, SCHOTT became the first company to make all of the pharmaceutical tubing it manufactures identifiable. In 2014, SCHOTT issued the one-millionth pallet certificate for its FIOLAX® glass tubing and is thus assisting the pharmaceutical industry with an important topic: traceability. This is becoming more and more important due to stricter requirements for safety and quality at all levels. These certificates help to meet this goal because they make it possible to identify products when the tubing supplied is processed into packaging products such as vials and syringes. Furthermore, the certificates also contain detailed information on the
actual capacity and glass quality. <