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Photo: SCHOTT/M. Förster

Return of the knights

Knighthood was practiced and tournaments were held where nobility once dined and put on festive balls. Exhibits from the armory in Dresden, one of the world’s most important collections of magnificent arms and suits of armor, are now on display in the gigantic hall of the Royal Palace in Dresden. The anti-reflective AMIRAN® glass that was used to produce 13 large display cases provides an undisturbed view of the noble knights and their horses. <
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

New Chairman of the board of Management

Dr. Frank Heinricht (51) took office as the new Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT on June 1, 2013. After receiving his doctorate in engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, the physicist began his professional career with a semiconducto company. He joined Heraeus Holding GmbH as a member of the Board of Management in 2003 before being appointed Chairman in 2008. Thanks to the positions he has held, Dr. Heinricht has a great deal of experience in leading a company with a complex portfolio and has been quite successful in extending a company’s global market presence, particularly in Asia. <
Photo: SCHOTT/C. Costard

The Tightest Optical Positions

SCHOTT is now the first manufacturer to offer special optical glasses of the tolerance level 0.5. The maximum deviation from the nominal values listed in the datasheet is only ± 0.0001 with the refractive index nd and ± 0.1 % with the Abbe number νd with this new level of quality. This was made possible by closely controlling the melting and annealing processes with the help of state-of-the-art techniques used in glass manufacturing. These types of glasses are particularly well-suited for use in high-precision lenses. The tight optical position of the glasses helps to improve the quality of the lenses used in industrial inspection
systems and microscopy. <
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Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

Certified Energy Efficiency

All of SCHOTT’s sites in Germany were certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard that was first introduced in 2012 in only a short period of time and now have access to an internationally recognized ­energy management system. The goal is to use energy more efficiently and lower consumption to protect the climate and the environment. This certificate proves that SCHOTT manufactures its products in an ­environmentally friendly way and conserves resources. The energy management system is to be gradually introduced at all of the global manufacturing sites. <

Hungary a Stronger Pharma Site

SCHOTT has announced that it will be significantly expanding its Hungarian site Lukácsháza that manufactures pharmaceutical primary packaging. Investments in the mid-double-digit million euro range are planned from now until 2016. The first step was to open a new maintenance center that will overhaul and upgrade its production machines. This will create more than 30 new jobs in the region. In addition, production capacity is expected to increase in Hungary. Today, Lukácsháza, with its annual production of more than 1.7 billion ampoules, vials, and cartridges, is the SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Division’s single largest site. <
Photo: SCHOTT/W. Feldmann

Highly Resistant Dental Glass

The newly developed SCHOTT ”DentalGlass Resist” makes dental fillings even more robust. This glass is literally invulnerable to any attacks and can effectively resist vinegar, fruit juices or acidic oral flora. For many years, such special glass powders have been key for improved stability and an aesthetic appearance of dental fillings. Up to 80 percent of composite fillings, usually known as ”polymer” fillings, consist of high-purity glass. To ensure a natural appearance of the dental filling similar to dental enamel, the material can also be adjusted to perfectly resemble the color of the teeth by using fine pigment shades. <
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Photo: SCHOTT/F. Groß

28,000 Receivers for the World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant

High-performance solar receivers from SCHOTT are also being used in the largest solar thermal power plant to date that was put into operation in the Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi ­ at the beginning of 2013. The Shams 1 (Sun 1) plant consists of 768 rows of collectors and covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers or the size of 285 soccer fields. This parabolic trough power plant with 100 megawatts of output is capable of supplying around 20,000 households with electricity. The facility will help to cover the rising demand for energy in the region and save 175,000 tons of harmful carbon dioxide. ”We are proud of our involvement in this project that once again shows how electricity can be generated from solar thermal energy on a large-scale basis. Abu Dhabi has understood that we can rely on the sun well after domestic oil and gas reserves have been depleted,” notes Dr. Patrick Markschläger, Managing Director of SCHOTT Solar CSP GmbH. Shams 1 is a joint venture project between Masdar, a company based in Abu Dhabi, the Spanish company Abengoa Solar, and the French energy supplier Total. It is the first large solar thermal power plant located in the Middle East. <

25 Years of Pharmaceutical Tubing Standards

SCHOTT Tubing has been publishing technical terms of supply for its pharmaceutical tubing for a quarter of a century and thus set standards in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. In 1988, SCHOTT became the first company in the industry to provide its customers with exact specifications of the most important product parameters. Since then, the ongoing improvements that have been made to the special glass tubing used to produce vials, syringes, cartridges and ampoules have been added to the technical terms of supply and thus made transparent. <