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SCHOTT manufactures high-quality flat glasses for the home appliance industry at its Turkish sites in Çerkezköy and Bolu. The company has managed to increase its market share quite significantly and doubled its sales over the last decade. Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

Sustainable Growth on the Bosporus

Turkey ranks among the world’s fastest growing national economies. SCHOTT recognized the potential this booming country has to offer and established its own local flat glass production facility here 10 years ago

Christine Fuhr

Hardly any other country seems to be so internally divided between tradition and modernity as Turkey. A pristine Turkey with an agrarian character that places such high importance on customs and religion during everyday life on the one hand and, on the other, prosperous, highly industrialized centers like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, in which Western lifestyle and high-tech have been rapidly gaining ground since the turn-of-the-century.
Photos: SCHOTT/A. Sell
Even though the growth of the Turkish economy cooled down in 2012 and only reached 2.2 percent, it still exceeded the growth rates of all of the other European economies. Following record years with growth rates of 9 (2010) and 8.5 percent (2011), economic performance is expected to rise by more than five percent again this year. This equates to the average growth rate of the Turkish economy over the last ten years during which the gross domestic product doubled.
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell
Like other fields, the international household appliance industry has recognized this opportunity early and opened up new manufacturing sites in the emerging Turkish market. By acquiring the Turkish flat glass manufacturing company Orim in 2003, SCHOTT has actively participated in designing the country’s economic development. And, through its presence, flanked its customers’ efforts to grow the market – true to its motto of  ’staying close to the customer.’ The main headquarters of the company that trades under the name SCHOTT Orim is located in the fast-growing industrial city of Çerkezköy. In addition, the company also manufactures in Bolu, an industrial center located about 250 kilometers east of Istanbul. ”We have continued to invest in expanding our capacities, infrastructural measures that improve quality and new products,” explains Hakan Gerdan, Managing Director of SCHOTT Orim.
By offering glass solutions for use in the kitchen, for instance glass cooktop panels for gas cooking appliances (left) and panes for ovens (right), SCHOTT Orim serves its local customers as well as customers in Western and Southeast Europe. Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell
Today, manufacturing of decorated and processed flat glass products that are used in oven doors and as refrigerator shelves is characterized by a significantly higher degree of automation and environmental friendliness. By introducing closed water circuits, for instance, the company now uses considerably less water in manufacturing. Its economic development has also been quite positive. Whereas the company started off with 350 employees in 2002, it now employs nearly 600. And it has not just increased its market share considerably in Turkey alone. SCHOTT Orim, now an important pillar of SCHOTT’s international flat glass business, exports 50 percent of its products abroad, mainly to Southeastern Europe and Germany, Italy and Spain. During this same period, it has doubled its sales and even quadrupled its sales of new products. “We are pleased to have such a dependable partner for our customers in Turkey,” says Miguel Seidenfaden, head of SCHOTT Flat Glass. As a symbol of its continued sustainable growth, SCHOTT Orim arranged to have a tree planted for each and every one of its customers during its anniversary year.

The goal is to continue its development as well because Turkey has big plans for the future. The country is hoping to become one of the ten most important nations in the world by 2023 when the Republic celebrates its 100th anniversary. SCHOTT will then be celebrating ”20 years of SCHOTT Orim.” Its Managing Director Hakan Gerdan is optimistic for the future: ”As a young and highly motivated company, we will continue to excite our customers well into the next decade by presenting them with inspiring ideas and reliable quality.” <
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