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Glass towers are characteristic of the main area of the Genesis Centre. The color effects glass SCHOTT NARIMA® eco puts on dazzling plays of color and sets impressive visual accents. Photo: GIBBS GAGE ARCHITECTS

Colorful Glass in a Diverse Community

SCHOTT NARIMA® eco dichroic glass makes northeastern Calgary’s Genesis Centre of Community Wellness a real eye-catcher.

Caroline Zörlein

Fifteen years ago, a group of community leaders were ­determined to bring the dynamic and diverse cultures of north-eastern Calgary together to promote safe, cooperative and actively healthy neighborhoods. The new Genesis Centre of ­Community Wellness at the heart of the area is the realization of this dream. The 21,000 square meter complex houses multiple ­indoor and outdoor sports facilities, meeting areas, a medical ­center as well as a public library. By supplying attractive dichroic glass for the façade of the central building, SCHOTT has helped this dream come to life.

The heart and soul of the Genesis Centre is an octagonal open space surrounded by eight glass towers that control light, air and thermal comfort. ”Dichroic glass on the corners of each of the towers provides the visual interest we needed to animate the vitality of this space and draw people to the building,” says architect David Wittman from Gibbs Gage Architects. SCHOTT NARIMA® eco color effects glass does just that. Producing dazzling color ­effects in six different variations, it makes a bold visual statement while also conveying an impressive sense of depth. ”NARIMA® eco color effects glass creates a living building that appears to change as the colors transform under different lighting conditions,” says Donald Press, General Manager Architecture SCHOTT North America. While bringing color and light to the façade was important, the other challenge was to control heat and thermal transmission. ”Calgary has at least 300 days of sunshine per year along with extreme low temperatures in the winter,” Press explains. NARIMA® eco dichroic glass has a high thermal stability – its heat gain protection and thermal insulation values are optimal. 325 square meters were needed for the eight towers of the Genesis Centre. The glass was supplied in one-inch thick units comprised of blue-gold NARIMA® eco glass and an interior pane of clear glass with a solar control coating – the dichroic glass thus delivers the performance and aesthetics required to meet the project’s needs. <
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