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Photo: DISNEY©

A Dream Comes True

At Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, visitors to the ”Vision House” gain a direct insight on all that a ”green” home has to offer. An environmentally friendly CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel and an efficient burning fireplace featuring a ROBAX® glass-ceramic panel from SCHOTT are among the highlights.

Christine Fuhr

What do we do when we have a few days off? Apparently, many of us decide to spend a couple of days at one of the major amusement parks. According to the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), the 25 most-visited theme and leisure parks in the world recorded 198.1 million visitors in 2011, an increase of 4.5 percent over the previous year. As this clearly indi-cates, the major amusement parks in Asia, Europe and North and South America continue to draw record numbers of visitors thanks to their new attractions that are action-filled, their fabu-lous shows, and perfect infrastructure that also includes hotels and restaurants.
Photo: SCHOTT/H. Fischer
Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, with its 15,000 square meters of space, ranks as the world’s largest leisure complex. Epcot®, which stands for ”Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow,” focuses on the technological progress that mankind is making as well as cultures from around the world. It is one of the four main theme parks on the Walt Disney Resort grounds. With 10.8 million visitors each year, Epcot® is the third most popular amusement park in the United States. ”Innoventions,” a pavilion that consists of two buildings that are home to an interactive world of experiences, represents the heart of Epcot®. Here, visitors have the opportunity in a sophisticated and entertaining environment to do research and discover and experience the amazing innovations that will help improve our lives in the future.
Highlight in „Innoventions” ist das Vision House mit seiner inspirierenden, experimentellen Ausstellung mit intelligenten Produkten grünen Wohnideen. Photo: DISNEY©
On Earth Day, April 22, 2012, Innoventions became home to yet another key attraction: Green Builder Media, North America’s leading media company focused on sustainable living, opened the Vision House, an experiential exhibit aimed at encouraging people to engender sustainable thinking. The main themes include not only energy efficiency, water conservation, and automation of entire homes, but also indoor environment quality, multi-generation design, security and durability.

During the guided tour through the exhibition, visitors learn more about intelligent products and advanced technologies. Leading companies from various industries present ”green” living solutions such as energy-efficient doors and windows, hardwood floors and cabinets, photovoltaic modules, highly efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems, electric vehicle charging stations, innovative automation systems for the entire house, durable, environmentally friendly outside materials, LED lighting solutions and home appliances that save electricity. All products incorporated into the Vision House are commercially available. These include an environmentally friendly CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel, which is manufactured without using the heavy metals arsenic and antimony. A ROBAX® fireplace viewing panel is an integral part of an environmentally friendly appliance and allows for wood to be burned more efficiently, delivering higher heat output and is CO2 neutral, emitting virtually no fine dust particles.

”We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Disney to demonstrate to homeowners that small behavioral modifications can make big differences in their environmental impact. Our goal with the Vision House is to deliver an inspiring message that makes sustainability personal – to help families ’bring green home’ both literally and figuratively,” explains Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media. <