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CERAN ARCTICFIRE® snowy shines in a unique shade of white. Photo: SCHOTT/H. Fischer/Knecht

Three Different Whites

With its CERAN® brand, SCHOTT is the only manufacturer that offers three different white glass-ceramic cooktop panels from standard production.

Dr. Haike Frank

In the additive color system, white is the sum of all visible colors. In fact, for western cultures, white has symbolized perfection, purity and clarity for thousands of years. Today, it is also the color that stands for modernity and evolution, a new beginning. ”White in all of its many nuances is clearly a fashionable color. We are seeing a trend towards white kitchens that expresses clarity and objectivity and yet these white kitchens have a modern and luxurious look,” notes Stefan-Marc Schmidt, Head of Sales and Marketing for CERAN®, in commenting on the effect that color trends are having on his business. “Our observations of the trends at last year’s Eurocucina trade fair in Milan and the inquiries we’ve received from customers convinced us to continue developing our CERAN ARCTICFIRE® white glass-ceramic cooktop panels and expand our product line.” CERAN ARCTICFIRE® white cooktop panels are manufactured in Mainz and have been on the market since the early 2000s. They are found mainly in cooking appliances that are based on radiant heating elements. The material experts and product developers at SCHOTT were presented with a challenge to research the glass-ceramic material for use in all types of cooking systems and to develop both design and functional alternatives, in white, of course.
New and in style: CERAN ARCTICFIRE® icy is translucent and has just a touch of gray. Photo: SCHOTT/H. Fischer/Knecht
Their mission has been successful; at the end of 2012, SCHOTT became the world’s only manufacturer of glass-ceramic cooktop panels that can offer three different white cooktop panels from standard production. With its new product variations CERAN ARCTICFIRE® snowy and CERAN ARCTICFIRE® icy, the innovator SCHOTT has pulled off a real coup. The ”snowy” cooktop panel represents a special design version, because its color shade is both a cold and shiny white at the same time and this gives the product a unique selling point. No other manufacturer is currently able to offer as pure a shade of white, and this cooktop panel can be used with all types of heating systems.

The product variation CERAN ARCTICFIRE® icy features just a touch of grey, is translucent and has a shiny surface. It can be used with the red 7-segment displays that are ideal for use in induction cooktops that feature display optics. The upper surface of all three white cooktop panels can be printed with designs using the ­popular decorative colors white, grey, brown, and black. Whether it’s the high-contrast black-and-white versions, white-on-white or softer color shades, this set of three white cooktop panels with decorative color accents clearly offers a wide range of design possibilities. <