Overview of the contents of solutions no. 1/2013


Pharmaceutical Systems
Quality for India
By manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical packaging in India, SCHOTT is supporting the Indian pharmaceutical industry and the fast-growing local healthcare system. more


Research and Technology
Ceramic Inspirations for Optics and Lighting
Transparent and translucent ceramics are paving the way for interesting applications in imaging systems and LED technology. more
Home Appliances
Three Different Whites
SCHOTT supports the trend towards white kitchens by offering new
versions of its white glass-ceramic cooktop panel CERAN ARTICFIRE®. more
The Finest Photon Brush
ASML will begin serial manufacturing of so-called EUV wafer steppers that allow for chip structures of under 18 nanometers in 2014. more
Infinite Light Loop
Tim Morgan’s sculpture ”Aurora” in London reflects elegant and technical complexity. It also uses DURAN® glass rods. more
Touch panels
No More Fingerprints
CONTURAN® DARO for use in the cover glasses of professional touch
displays offers protection against soiling and reduces reflections. more
Home Appliances
A Dream Comes True
Visitors to the exhibit at the ”Vision House” at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida are exposed to ”green” living. more
Research and Technology
On the Way to Super Strong Glass
SCHOTT performs in-depth analyses and tests to learn more about the strength of glass and develop incredibly durable glass. more
Colorful Glass in a Diverse Community
NARIMA® eco color effects glass sets visual accents in the tower façades of the civic center in Calgary and even offers protection from the sun. more
Flat Glass
Sustainable Growth on the Bosporus
SCHOTT Orim has been manufacturing flat glass for the household
appliance industry in fast-growing Turkey for 10 years. more
Flight to an Industry Standard
The Australian airline Virgin Australia had its Business and Premium Economy Class equipped with SCHOTT Reading Lights. more
Feel-good Atmosphere above the Clouds
Interview: Lufthansa Technik AG and SCHOTT have developed lighting solutions for aircraft cabins together. more
Technical Tubing
Materials at the Limit
High-quality tube filters from SCHOTT produce light similar to sunlight in weathering devices from Atlas MTS. more
Museum Design
Display Cases of Love
Objects from the novel that bears the same name are presented in
display cases made of AMIRAN® glass at the ”Museum of Innocence.” more
Fireplace viewing panels
Fire in a New Dimension
A special bending technology allows for multiple angular shaped
ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing panels made of only a single piece. more

Short stories
Additional articles from the world of SCHOTT
Featuring: SCHOTT is the first manufacturer to offer selected optical glasses of the tolerance level 0.5, Certified Energy Efficiency: Within a very brief time all SCHOTT production facilities in Germany were certified according to the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard, which was introduced in 2012, the newly developed SCHOTT "Dental Glass Resist" makes dental fillings even more resistant. more