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Photo: Lynn University, Brantley Photography


Lynn University (Boca Raton, FL) commissioned architect Luis Sousa to design “Remembrance Plaza,” a memorial for four students and two professor who were in Haiti as part of the University’s Journey of Hope program and perished in the earthquake that struck on January 12, 2010. Six prisms, featuring SCHOTT NARIMA® color effects glass, are the focus of the plaza. Each prism is inscribed with the name of either a student or professor and an epitaph. The prisms remind us at this place of refl ection, hope and inspiration of the deceased in an aesthetic and descrete manor. <|

Design Awards for WC Terminal

Innovative glass plate combines both aesthetics and functionality

The new WC terminal TECElux integrates technical finesses and connections both invisibly and securely inside a wall-mounted module. The inspection opening is covered by a flat glass plate from SCHOTT. This glass panel allows for lighting effects, switches and sensors to be installed. A sensor detects whether someone is moving towards the WC before actually illuminating the flush button. Other advantages the smooth glass buttons offer include easy cleaning and thus optimal hygiene. The WC terminal received the ”Red Dot Design Award,” the “Design Plus Award” and the “Architecture + Technology Innovation Prize”. <|
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Photo: SCHOTT/C. Costard

Extremely Climate Resistant

New BG60 and BG61 blue filter glasses for demanding digital camera assignments

Image sensors in digital cameras and mobile devices often use infrared blocking filters to render genuine color impressions. With the BG filter glasses currently used, however, the transparency sought for visible light was impaired by high heat and humidity after only two days. The new BG60 and BG61 glasses from SCHOTT, on the other hand, are incredibly climate resistant, capable of resisting these types of strains for up to two months and extremely resistant to bending. Here, BG60 is known for its ability to block wavelengths of around 750 nanometers, while BG61 offers the broadest pass range available for this type of glass. <|

Personnel Change in Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Dieter Kurz New Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SCHOTT AG

At the beginning of May, Prof. Dr. Dieter Kurz (64) took over as the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SCHOTT AG in Mainz. The former Chairman of the Board of Carl Zeiss AG succeeds Dr. Theo Spettmann, who resigned from this position for health reasons. Dr. Kurz had already taken over Spettmann’s role as Chairman of the Shareholder Council of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, the sole shareholder in SCHOTT AG and Carl Zeiss AG, in March. <|

Uniquely Thin

MEMpax® glass material: just perfect for semiconductor and mems applicationsn

New MEMpax® is significantly thinner than comparable borosilicate glasses and available in thicknesses of 0.1 to 0.7 millimeters. It was developed and refined to meet the unique demands of the semi­conductor industry, es-pecially the fast-growing market for MEMS sensors. Areas of application include extremely thin glass wafers for use in encapsulation processes as well as many other applications in wafer level packaging and biotechnology. By using a special down-draw process, wafers with excellent surface quality can now be produced directly without any further pro-cessing. <|
Photo: SCHOTT/P. Heilmann

Cutting-Edge Design for Top-Level Sports

PYRAN® S special-purpose glass offers sports university transparency, fire protection and privacy

This special-purpose glass from SCHOTT met key requirements for fire protection, privacy and transparent appearance during the difficult renovation work done on the main building of the well-known Swiss Federal Institute of Sport EHSM in Magglingen, Switzerland, a building that stands under monument protection. For example, glass partitions along the corridors offer privacy and yet fantastic outdoor views. This was made possible by using fire resistant glazing that features PYRAN® S special glass as part of a butt joint system (fire resistance class E30). Certain defined areas were even given a sandblasted matting effect. The SCHOTT system joins the panes of glass without a frame – room-high and without any disturbing vertical profiles. “Thanks to the flexible design of this fire resistant glazing solution, we were able to meet a wide range of challenging demands as well as our high expectations in the area of design and thus achieve our architectural goals,” explains Reto Mosimann, project ­manager for spaceshop architects, the Swiss architectural firm responsible for overseeing the project. In total, fire resistant glazing that included approx. 750 square meters of PYRAN® S was installed. <|
Photo: SCHOTT/R. Meier

Fast, Faster, TO56 PLUS®

New high-frequency TO header transmits 25 GB of data per second

With a transition speed of 25 gigabytes (GB) per second, this TO (Transistor Outline) header is considered to be the fastest product of its kind. The TO56 PLUS® header is equipped with a brazed submount that seamlessly connects the microstrip line and pin through a direct path. This design makes it easier to connect the laser diode by way of wirebonding, helps reduce signal loss and provides telecommunications companies with more options in a limited market space. SCHOTT is a leading supplier of complete solutions for high-frequency data communication. <|
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Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

More Luxury and Design

First fireplace viewing panel with a 270 degree opening angle

SCHOTT is now the world’s first manufacturer to launch a fireplace viewing panel with an opening angle of 270 degrees. This ROBAX® panel for luxuriously designed fireplaces is available with a radius of 300 mm and a height of 600 mm (other dimensions upon request) and allows for viewing from nearly all sides. There will also be more variety when it comes to designs: decorative new colors can be applied to the fireplace panels using a special printing process that enables designs with a metallic look. The METALLIC Design Effects “ochre on mystic black,” “anthracite on mystic black” and “red on mystic black” will be available initially. <|