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The extravagant kitchen from Alno with appliances from Bosch and SCHOTT SatinPlus® glass fronts sets market trends. Photo: ALNO

An All-Glass Kitchen

The kitchen manufacturer Alno, Bosch Hausgeräte and SCHOTT work together and earned both the iF and Red Dot Design Awards.

Christine Fuhr

Glass – this material has long stood for innovation in architecture. What Joseph Paxton’s ”Crystal Palace” was to the World Fair in London back in 1851 is reflected today in the dreams made of glass from people like Helmut Jahn. Glass is a very special and extravagant material, also when it is used in interior designs like the kitchen.

At the ”Küchenmeile A30", an in-house exhibition of 30 German kitchen manufacturers held in September 2009, the kitchen furniture manufacturer Alno presented the ”Trend Study 2011”, a prototype of a kitchen made of glass produced in cooperation with Bosch Hausgeräte and SCHOTT. This inno­vative kitchen, including the fronts of the built-in appliances, is made entirely of matte glass surfaces. The kitchen trend study that the companies developed together has now been awarded the two respected design prizes iF Award and Red Dot Design Award. Alno officially launched this kitchen, which ­includes appliances from Bosch that feature SCHOTT SatinPlus® glass fronts, in April as the Alnostar Satina program at this year’s international kitchen furniture exhibition ”Eurocucina” in Milan.

”The glass SCHOTT Satin Plus®, which is used in the appliances, not only looks great, but also has a pleasant, silk-like feel to it,” explains Stefan Spengler, Vice President of Home ­Appliances. This glass has an etched surface that results in a satined finish and also displays the depth effects of glass.
The control panels of the appliances show the innovative combination of the satinated and the transparent glass surface of SCHOTT SatinPlus®. Photo: ALNO
SCHOTT VTF in France developed an innovative solution for the built-in appliances. Here, partially etched glasses provide a transparent window for the oven door as well as the ­control panel displays. This perfectly combines the various impressions that glass creates: the noble-looking matte surface design, on the one hand, and transparent viewing with ovens and display windows, on the other.

”The fronts of the special glasses that are used are completely in line with the current trend of matte surfaces,” notes Robert Sachon, chief designer for Bosch Hausgeräte. And the guiding principle at Alno Kitchens is that the customer is the measure of all things. ”Our customers get exactly the right kitchen for their needs. With intelligent and patented innovations, we set new standards and meet our customers’ needs,” explains Torben Kasimzade, Corporate Marketing Director at Alno.

The living room and the kitchen are merging more and more. Today, the kitchen is the integrated center of people’s lives and stopped being just a room to prepare food in. Modern household appliances also support this development. They ­integrate well with the new ”living space kitchen” and even ­actively influence it.

And innovative design is not the only thing that seems to be perfect with this superlative kitchen. The high-tech glass SatinPlus® developed by SCHOTT is also a high-quality safety glass. In addition to its elegant appearance and high impact resistance, these fronts are quite easy to keep clean, yet another key advantage for consumers.

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