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Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell

Cooking interactively

In support of the theme “Edutainment”, an interactive station gives visitors to EXPO the chance to virtually cook a Chinese or a German meal on a Ceran® cooktop panel. Here, people also learn more about the benefits that Ceran® cooktop panels offer. Since 1971, this glass-ceramic from SCHOTT has been sold over 100 million times and has influenced today’s kitchens more than almost any other material. <|
Photo: SCHOTT/Getty Images/atmosfire

Power Pack for the Fireplace

SCHOTT has developed a coating for its Robax® fireplace viewing panel, whose evenly bluish shimmering coating reflects up to 35 percent of the heat radiation from a fire back into the combustion chamber. With Robax® Energy Plus, this means less energy is emitted through the pane and this, in turn, significantly increases the temperature inside the heating device. This helps to lower the heating costs by making better use of the heat energy from burning firewood. SCHOTT will now be offering this coating for round bent as well as flat Robax® viewing panels for the first time ever on a worldwide basis. <|
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Photo: SCHOTT/H. Groh

Color Effect Glass in Great Colors

Narima® from SCHOTT in six color combinations
Architects, artists and designers rely on the dazzling color effect glass Narima® from SCHOTT to create lively color impressions. The reason is that this special glass changes color much like a rainbow, depending on the angle of view and how the sun is shining. Narima® is now also available in yellow, orange and May green. Its unique effect results from the fact that ­several razor-thin, predominantly metal oxidic layers are applied to a base glass in a dipping process. The typical rainbow effect is caused by the combination of high and low refractive layers. The coating is a hard-coating and therefore highly resistant to chemicals. <|
Photo: SCHOTT/T. Hauser

Stronger in Russia

SCHOTT to build manufacturing facility for pharma packaging near Nizhny Novgorod
To strengthen its market position in Russia, SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging will be opening a manufacturing facility for premium quality pharmaceutical ampoules and vials in Zavolzhe, near Nizhny Novgorod. The new plant is expected to go into operation at the end of 2010 and employ a staff of around 60 people initially. Plans call for this figure to grow to 200 by 2014. The company will then be able to produce ­several hundred million units of pharmaceutical packaging from SCHOTT Fiolax® glass tubing in accordance with cGMP guidelines. SCHOTT is the first international group to open a production facility that manufactures primary pharmaceutical packaging made of glass in Russia. <|

Decorative Lead-free Colors

New design options for Robax®
In addition to the established colors ”polar white” and ”amber gold”, SCHOTT will now be offering the color shades ”tin grey”, ”volcano grey”, ”pure black”, ”mystic black” and ”autumn red”. All of these color shades are lead-free. The five new shades can be used to decorate the smooth surface of the fireplace viewing panels and are extremely temperature and abrasion-resistant. ”Robax® Ambience” also offers a broad range of different design options. This body tinted glass-ceramic for use in fireplace and stove exteriors is available in the three basic shades black, dark gray and white. In addition, ”Robax® Ambience” can be decorated with more than 15 different colors that are also lead-free. <|
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Photo: SCHOTT Solar

Powerful is Chic

Mono® Module series from schott Solar with a higher level of efficiency
SCHOTT Solar is rounding off its product line with an elegant new solar module that features high-performance monocrystalline cells. With cell efficiency of over 17.5 percent, this module achieves overall efficiency of up to 14.5 percent. In other words, just the right prerequisites for being put to use on smaller roofs, because the new SCHOTT Mono® series delivers high annual yields even when not much space is available – and the company even guarantees this for 25 years. The new SCHOTT Mono® modules will be available for purchase from specialized dealers in three different versions from 180 to 190 watts of nominal output. They offer the same high, reliable performance and positive tolerance of efficiency that customers have come to expect. <|
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SCHOTT Extends Board

Stephan Schaller Vice Chairman of the Board of Management
The Supervisory Board of SCHOTT AG appointed Stephan Schaller (52) to the Board of Management with effect from May 1, 2010. He assumes the role of Vice Chairman and is responsible for the areas Solar, Pharmaceutical Systems, Architecture and Purchasing. The mechanical en­gineer held management positions with BMW from 1983 until 1999. He then took over responsibility for the technology division at Linde AG and was appointed a member of the management team for the area of refrigeration technology in 2000. In 2004, he left to become a Board member of Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge and served as its speaker from 2007 until January 2010. <|
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New Chairman of Supervisory Board

Dr. Theo Spettmann succeeds Dr. Voscherau
Dr. Theo Spettmann is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SCHOTT AG. He succeeds Dr. Eggert Voscherau, who resigned from this office for personal reasons on February 15, 2010. Dr. Spettmann has held various management positions at the German company Südzucker AG since 1979. He became a member of the Management Board in 1988 and served as its speaker from 1995 until 2009. On February 16, Spettmann also succeeded Voscherau as Chairman of the Foundation Council of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, Heidenheim and Jena, the sole shareholder in SCHOTT AG. <|