SCHOTT solutions no. 1/2009 > Interior Design

Exclusive Glitter World

More than 1,000 light diodes and 250 square meters of color effect glass create a colorful play of colors inside the Casino Monte Laa in Vienna.

Dr. Gabriele Reinartz

Vienna is a successful mixture of tradition and the modern spirit. This can be seen mainly in the cityscape, where modern buildings mingle with all eras of architecture. In Vienna, the past is present everywhere. Empress Sissi would love it. Nevertheless, the Austrian capital is also a synonym for coziness, Sacher cake and the Prater amusement park. And this amusement mile is exactly where the Casino Monte Laa was built.

238 gambling machines on 1,000 square meters of floor space are just waiting to fascinate casino visitors. The luxurious casino is managed by Novomatic AG, one of the world’s leading operators of casinos and manufacturers of gambling machines. They hired C4 Projektgesellschaft m b. H. to build the casino. Novomatic made it very clear that plenty of emphasis was to be placed on quality and exclusive furnishings. In fact, 48 glassy panels that contain more than 1,000 white “LightPoints” compete with the glitter world created by the gambling machines. This solution comes from lif  GmbH (light, innovation, future), with whom SCHOTT cooperates. “Integrated into glass balustrades and handrails, the floating light diodes accompany the guests to the various levels of the casino,” says Patrick Holota, responsible for sales of architectural products for SCHOTT Austria. “Here, the trick is that this specialized glass equipped with LEDs has a coating that is transparent and can conduct electricity. Now, the view is no longer obstructed by many meters of cable,” he adds. As soon as they arrive on the various levels, the casino guests are greeted by wall decorations in color shades that range from gold to lemon yellow. 250 square meters of Narima® color effect glass from SCHOTT with special interference layers were used to create mirrors. They leave a different color impression, depending on the incident light and where the visitor happens to be standing.  <|
Innovative technology is behind the grandeur created by light and color: Interference layers on Narima® glass produce different color impressions on the walls. The ”hovering” LightPoints are light diodes inside special glass with a transparent coating that conducts electricity. Photo: SCHOTT Austria/J. Aust