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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Ungeheuer, Chairman of the Board of SCHOTT AG, and Dr. Volkmar Mair, Chairman of the Board of mairdumont (from left). Photo: SCHOTT/J. Meyer

Once Around the World

The “Baedeker Travel Guide SCHOTT” presents 125 attractive destinations that feature SCHOTT applications.

What do the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Melbourne Zoo in Australia, the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt and the restaurant “Jules Verne” located on top of the Eiffel Tower all have in common? They all contain specialized glass products from SCHOTT. These, as well as other 125 places of interest in total, are now being introduced in a travel guide that has just been published to commemorate the 125th anniversary of SCHOTT. They include large telescopes, well-known museums and famous buildings in 33 countries in total.

“There is probably no other company that has ever presented its expertise, international heritage and history in the form of a travel guide. This is compact information and great reading ­entertainment all at once,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Ungeheuer, Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT AG. For this project, SCHOTT decided to rely on the expertise of the MAIRDUMONT Group, to which the publisher Karl Baedeker belongs. As a result, the layout and overall appearance are ­exactly the same as that of Baedeker Travel Guides.
“This travel guide is certainly something very special for us, as well. For the first time ever, our motto ‘Know what there is to experience’ has also been applied so very consistently to the corporate world,” notes Dr. Volkmar Mair, Chairman of MAIRDUMONT. On 192 pages, the travel guide combines information on the many possible applications of specialized glass products from SCHOTT and background information for tourists with original tips from Baedeker. The travel guide, published in English and German, also informs in special chapters about the company, its products and innovation.