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Photo: SCHOTT/J. Meyer

Manufacturing anniversary

First presented in 1971, produced for the 100 millionth time in 2009: ­Ceran® glass ceramic cooktop panels from SCHOTT. But time does not stand still: these shiny metallic Ceran Cleartrans® cooktop panels meet even the most demanding design challenges. <|

All Clear with Conturan®

Anti-reflective specialized glass improves
Danish State Railroad’s information displays

Germany’s, Austria’s, Holland’s, Switzerland’s and France’s national railroads (Photo: Berlin Central Station), are already using it. Denmark comes next: the specialized anti-reflective glass Conturan® will soon offer a clear view of the train information displays at the stations of the Danish State Railroad with hardly any reflections. In addition, an infrared protection foil found between the two panes of display glass reflects the warm rays of the sun. This prevents the displays from getting too hot and helps save the energy that would be needed to cool them down.  <|

Closer to Customers in Eastern Europe

Flat glass manufacturing kicks off in the Czech Republic
Approximately 140 employees will be manufacturing processed flat glasses for international companies and regional manufacturers of ovens and refrigerators at the Czech site in Valasske Mezirici. By expanding its manufacturing facility, SCHOTT is strengthening its flat glass activities in Eastern Europe. Up until now, key customers were supplied by the Turkish flat glass company SCHOTT Orim. Now, SCHOTT has moved closer to its customers in Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, as well as its objective of becoming the leading supplier of flat glass in the fast-growing Eastern European home appliance market.  <|

Innovative, Interactive and User-Friendly

New SCHOTT website
The redesigned SCHOTT website features a fresh design, clarity and easier navigation. Visitors to the site will now be able to obtain the desired information even more quickly. New building blocks, such as an illustrated interactive eye-catcher with five main topics, including links to the featured contents, an improved search function, as well as an RSS Feed for the press area, are of real benefit to visitors. And to simplify orientation even further, the product groups are now organized according to their areas of application. It’s worth visiting: <|
Photo: DTU

Viewing Black Holes

Thin glass for the mirrors of NASA’s NuSTAR X-ray telescope
The new X-ray telescope for the nasa space probe NuSTAR (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) has a unique talent: It can locate black holes. Sighting these obscure objects in outer space is virtually impossible. After all, due to their enormous gravitation, they can even swallow up light. NuSTAR, however, is able to detect electromagnetic energy x-rays from around black holes to quite a high extent and then determine their position. SCHOTT helped make this possible by supplying thin glass as a mirror substrate. The ultra-smooth surface of the shapeable glass is as thin as a foil and can be coated down to the nanometer level. This ultimately improves the reflection of radiation, as well as the imaging results. <|
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Photo : SCHOTT/A. Sell

Solar Flight Around the World

SCHOTT hosts visionary Bertrand Piccard
His grandfather ascended to an altitude of 17 kilometers in a balloon. He himself became the first man to fly around the world in one. With his spectacular activities, Bertrand Piccard strives to encourage people and spur on change. As a guest at the SCHOTT Forum that regularly invites prominent personalities, the well-known man from Switzerland introduced his latest project for the year 2011: orbiting the earth without fuel, using only the power of the sun. To do so, his solar airplane will store energy inside photovoltaic cells and even be able to fly at night, thanks to their efficiency. The name “Solar Impulse” is also its motto: “Sustainability is the challenge for the future, saving energy and developing new energy sources,” said Piccard, who hopes to encourage people to overcome their limits with his solar flight: “We need pioneer spirit. We need new technologies in order to survive.” According to Piccard, companies like SCHOTT that develop and market solutions for sustainable solar power generation are setting good examples. <|
Source: SCHOTT

Cool, even as a Winner

Fireplace door “SCHOTT Cool Door” receives u.s. innovation prize
The well-known U.S. trade magazine Hearth & Home chose a special fireplace door as the winner of the Vesta Award innovation prize in the category fireplace components, calling it excellent in terms of its innovation and design. This solution for gas fireplaces goes by the name “SCHOTT Cool Door” for good reason. The frame of the door contains two glass ­ceramic panes, Robax® IR, a coated fireplace viewing panel made of transparent glass ceramic that reflects infrared heat radiation back into the chamber, and an additional Robax® pane. This keeps the door cool on the outside and thus lowers the risk of severe burns. This special talent resulted in it being recognized at the leading fireplace trade fair HPB Expo in Reno, Nevada. <|
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Photo: SCHOTT/W. Feldmann

ARIES Reaches for the Stars

Zerodur® mirror for India’s largest astronomical telescope
Asia’s largest imaging telescope is being built at the foot of the Himalayas, northeast of New Delhi – equipped with a 3.7 meter Zerodur® mirror substrate from SCHOTT. The temperature-stable glass ceramic will ensure that imprecision does not interfere with the task that the telescope operator, the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), will be performing starting in 2012: spectroscopic investigation of the Milky Way and its heavenly bodies above the northern hemisphere. The large telescope developed by the Belgian company AMOS ranks among the top 30 in the world. <|