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Delicious dishes can be prepared both quickly and easily on »Vitro Magic« grills with Ceran® cooktops. In addition to offering high functionality, they also have an attractive design. Photo: JATA
Christine Fuhr

Magical Success

The electrical appliance manufacturer JATA offers a barbecue grill with a Ceran® glass ceramic cooktop that has conquered Spanish kitchens in only a short time.

It is no secret that tastes can vary, but this also applies to cooking and eating habits. Many people prefer Mediterranean cuisine, including Spanish dishes. After all, these consist of basic high quality products that are healthy, tasty, light and easy to digest. Furthermore, they include a number of regional highlights and specialties. In culinary terms, these generally include precious olive oil, garlic, wheat bread, rice, red wine, a large portion of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, but also the rather familiar »tapas«.
Photo: SCHOTT/A. Sell
When it comes to preparing and actually eating these dishes, the culture is also typically Spanish. Dining also takes on a rather important social function on the Iberian Peninsula. People usually cook and eat together, if possible, together with the entire family. Whereas in other regions of the world food is prepared in woks, pans, cooking pots, ovens or charcoal or gas barbecue grills, the electric grill platter, also known in the Spanish-speaking region as »plancha«, has long been considered an indispensable household appliance in Spain, thanks to how practical it is. ”For us, preparing food each day on planchas has a long tradition. This has to do with the so-called Dieta Mediterranea that involves grilling a lot of fish, meat and vegetables,” explains Réne Rovira, Managing Director of Electrodomesticos JATA, a company based in Abadiano, North Spain. Rovira really knows what he is talking about: JATA is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of »planchas« that rank among the electrical appliance maker’s most successful products, next to kitchen electrical items such as deep fryers, mixers, citrus extractors, coffee makers, etc.

As a result of the disadvantages of the Teflon-coated surfaces that were used in earlier »plancha« models, JATA was looking to find “something durable” that would enable them to improve their top product. Conchita Lopez, a sales employee at SCHOTT Iberica, already knew about the problem. She contacted JATA and provided samples of cooktops for test purposes. This proved to be successful, because JATA decided to introduce an initial grill in cooperation with SCHOTT that featured a smooth surface and was given the name »Vitro Magic« GR1. Then, the GR2 model with a wavy glass ceramic surface followed in 2006. Finally, the GR3 model with a multi-functional grilling surface was introduced to the market in 2007.
JATA demonstrated the convenience of using »Vitro Magic« at international trade fairs, including Ambiente in Frankfurt, for example. Photo: JATA
In order to achieve greater awareness, JATA conducted a large-scale advertising campaign for »Vitro Magic« (with the SCHOTT Ceran® brand clearly shown on the surface of the grill). The company also managed to gain access to the international market with its modern household appliance. Typical Spanish dishes, such as »Gambas a la Plancha« and »Calamares a la Plancha« were prepared “live” at exhibitions in Chicago, Frankfurt and Moscow. Besides its attractive design, »Vitro Magic« also offers consumers high functionality. "Food doesn’t stick to it during grilling. The unique glass ceramic grilling surface remains unaffected by frequent use, is scratch-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. And, true to its name, just as tasty foods can be prepared like ’magic’ on this glass ceramic, this terms also applies to the high acceptance and, as a result, the success of this product. We are completely satisfied !” Rovira says.
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