Overview of the contents of solutions no. 1/2008

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Coatings Protect Sensitive Drugs
SCHOTT employs advanced coating techniques to makepharmaceutical packaging fit for the future. [more]
Pace Setter in the Photonic Age
Diode lasers are now also conquering the factory work floors of automobile manufacturers. schott providespremium quality micro-lenses, important components for this key upcoming technology. [more]
Solar Energy
From Silicon to a Module
Thanks to its joint venture with WACKER Chemie ag, SCHOTT is now in an excellent position throughout the entire solar value chain. [more]
Solar Energy
„Bright Future for Solar Energy”
Dr. Lawrence L. Kazmerski, Director National Center for Photovoltaics at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, Colorado/U.S.A., on the prospects of the U.S. Solar Market. [more]
Thin-film Technology
Razor-Thin Solar Radiation Converters
Sunlight releases electrons in the semiconductor layer of the ASI solar cell. This layer is divided into stripes that form solar cells and are connected electrically in series. [more]
Hunters of the Galaxies
The world’s largest telescope is located on the Canary Island of La Palma. Astronomers are hoping it will help them find a second earth. [more]
Advanced Optics/Fiber Optics
Playing with Light
The name Swarovski stands for the fascinating world of cut crystal. Nevertheless, the Austrian company with a long tradition also offers high quality binoculars, telescopes and telescopic sights. [more]
A World of Creativity
Helmut Swarovski, Managing Partner of D. Swarovski & Co., on the poetry of crystaland his passion for precision tools. [more]
Home Tech
Magical Success
The electrical appliance manufacturer JATA offers a barbecue grill with a Ceran glass® ceramic cooktop that has conquered Spanish kitchens in only a short time. [more]
High Definition TV
Close to the Action
High definition TV (HDTV) is the television of the future. Special optical materials in the formof calcium fluoride crystals provide the higher resolution that modern cameras require. [more]
Glass Cone and roof of Clouds
The landscape of adventure called »BMW Welt« opened by the Munich-based carmaker BMW conceals the precise realization of the most innovative of technologies behind playful reflexes. [more]
Floating Displays
Floating Displays
Faceplates made of glass fibers improve the readability of digital displays and reduce scattered light. [more]
Short stories
Additional articles from the world of SCHOTT
Featuring prize winning »solutions« magazine, pharma packaging made in Russia, investements in Mexico and [more]