Short stories of solutions no. 1/2007

Six Times around the World: Each day, 240,000 kilometers of glass fiber can be drawn from the multiple fiber extraction lines equipped with optical glass that the SCHOTT Group operates. This could orbit the Earth six times. The high-tech components manufactured from fibers are put to use in areas, such as the automotive industry, lighting, medical, industrial and security technology. (Photo: W. Feldmann)
Dances with SCHOTT
Solar Cells

»Sundancer« wins yet another U.S. solar competition [more]
Protection for the Most Expensive Painting
»Adele Bloch-Bauer« from Klimt behind Amiran® anti-reflective glass [more]
Threefold Increase
Expansion of syringe manufacturing capacity [more]
Solar Power, Not Gas
Some 1,400 modules for largest solar plant in New England [more]
ZERODUR® secondary mirror sharpens the eye of the VLT in Chile [more]
Kitchen Highlight
SCHOTT Ceran® among the 300 world famous brands from Germany [more]
Five New Sales Offices
Argentina, Israel, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam [more]