solutions 1/2006 – additional informations

Long-term testing is performed to reveal how plastic components inside TFT-LCDs react to the permanent radiation emitted by backlight tubes.
A Market with Future Potential

With projected growth rates of over 50 percent for 2006, the market for backlight glasses ranks as one of the most promising future business ventures for SCHOTT. The fact that SCHOTT has firmly positioned itself as the world’s second largest supplier of high uv-blocked tubing glasses, despite the geographical distances to its solely Asian customers, is truly remarkable. These products are purchased by companies that process glass tubing into backlights, in other words leading manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sharp or lg Philips.

“By 2008, the number of TFT-LCDs manufactured will most likely increase to 350 million units per year. This high level of market dynamics means we are faced with the challenge of being able to supply sufficient quantities,” explains Csaba Debreczeny, head of sales for backlights at SCHOTT-Rohrglas in Mitterteich. In the light of this situation, SCHOTT is continuing to expand its manufacturing capacities for backlight glass at sites other than Mitterteich. The company is currently expanding these activities at its new site Valasske Mezirici in the Czech Republic, as well. “This will allow us to secure above average growth rates for the company for the foreseeable future,” explains the head of the Business Segment, Andreas Reisse.