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SCHOTT manufactures two billion electronic components per year in Japan. Popular cell phones are driving the market.
Akihiro Yoshinobu

At the Beat of the
Cell Phone Boom

Electronic components can be found
in more and more everyday devices.
SCHOTT in Japan will be growing by
30 percent this year by supplying these components.

Nearly every household in Japan owns at least one cell phone, a digital camera, a computer, a watch or a motor vehicle that contains electronic components. In other words, it is quite likely that almost every person in the country owns a product that contains something from SCHOTT.

Such electronic components often include extremely small glass-to-metal-seals that house sensors or oscillating crystals. The market volume for oscillating crystals that act as pulse generators and are used to keep time is currently estimated to be around nine to ten billion units per year. This most likely makes them the second most important component in modern electronics, behind the integrated circuit.

SCHOTT Components Corporation (NSC), based in Minakuchi, near Kyoto, ranks as one of the leading manufacturers of such high-tech products in Japan. The joint venture that is managed by SCHOTT was founded in 2000 and has been growing by over ten percent per year since 2002.

“This year alone, approximately one billion cell phones will be sold and each one of them is equipped with oscillating crystals,” explains Takahisa Hiraki, product manager at NSC. Thermal fuses that automatically interrupt the flow of power to an electronic device to turn it off in the event of a malfunction are yet another important field for the Electronic Packaging product division.

Each year, the industry develops new appliances that contain high-tech components and sensors. “The increased demand for high quality components, in particular, brought us growth of almost 30 percent this year,” says Dr. Jörg Raupach, President of NSC.

NSC: two billion components per year

Tiny mountings that conduct electricity protect the oscillating crystals that ensure stabile frequencies with cell phones.
200 employees in Minakuchi manufacture more than two billion components each year that improve the reliability and safety of various types of electronic products.

“Japan is important to executing our growth strategy, because this country is home to the most innovative technology companies and sets key trends,” explains Dr. Ulrich Ackermann, President and CEO of SCHOTT Asia. To ensure that the company can continue to develop new and innovative product solutions together with its customers in Japan, an »Application and Development Center« will soon be opened in Tokyo. “We are looking to increase the share that Asia has in our total global sales from currently around 20 percent to at least 30 percent by the year 2010,” Dr. Ackermann emphasizes.
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