Overview of the contents of solutions no. 1/2006

Concentrated Solar Power Plants
The Power Plants of the Future
The market for solar thermal power plants is only now beginning to offer one of the most important energy supply options for the future. SCHOTT will play a leading role by providing a key component. [more]
Electronic Packaging
At the Beat of the Cell Phone Boom
Electronic components can be found in more and more everyday devices. SCHOTT in Japan will be growing by 30 percent this year by supplying these components. [more]
Fireplace Viewing Panels
Temperature Marvel With a View
Heating with stoves offers both ecological and economic benefits. Thanks to innovative viewing panels, they are becoming even more popular. [more]
Heating Furniture from Denmark
Henning Krog Iversen has been a forerunner in innovative stoves for more than 25 years. He has been working with SCHOTT, his sole glass supplier, for almost as long. [more]
Aviation Lighting
Creative Lighting Enhances the Air Travel Experience
In order to compete more successfully, airlines all over the world are attempting to improve the comfort on board their airplanes. One way is to introduce lighting solutions that make flights more enjoyable for passengers. [more]
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Pharmaceutical Packaging is a Matter of Trust
Manufacturing primary pharmaceutical packaging has been a core competence for SCHOTT for decades. Today, this area has developed into one of the leading sources of revenue, in addition to ranking among the entire company’s most innovative and promising fields. [more]
Glass Ceramic Cooktops
A Colorful Menu
Household appliance makers are always looking for ways to make their products and brands look unique. New colors and decorative trends in glass ceramic cooktops offer innovative solutions. [more]
Systems Engineering
Hot Air for Cold Beer
Glass tube heat exchangers from Flucorrex AG in Switzerland allow for efficient use of energy in malt houses. [more]
Backlights for Displays
Glass Tubing Improves the Lives of Monitors
High uv-blocked backlight tubes play an important role in flat screen monitors based on liquid crystals (LCDs). These components for use in backlighting extend the lifespans of lcd monitors quite considerably. [more]
Mirror Substrate for a Telescope
Through the Fire to Reach for the Stars
Precision mirrors for telescopes owe their optical qualities to ZERODUR®, a special glass ceramic that retains its unique characteristics, despite variations in temperature. [more]