Team of forensic experts at the scene of the crime after a shooting.
The Specialists from K3

Every German criminal investigation department is split up into four divisions: K1 deals with murder and sexual offenses as well as fire. K2 handles property offenses like robbery, fraud, and burglary. K3 covers “general services,” including forensic science, and finally, K4 is involved with organized crime and drug offenses. The forensic experts from K3 search for traces of evidence at the crime scene that might provide a clue as to the identity of the criminal: fingerprints, traces of blood, footprints, tire marks, fibers of clothing, or even DNA traces. DNA analysis – also referred to as genetic fingerprinting – is the latest method of securing evidence at the scene of a crime: The DNA structure of a human being is just as unique as his fingerprint. It can be identified on the basis of minute body particles, like skin scales or tiny quantities of body fluids, and thus lead to the perpetrator.