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Lighting Technology
Efficiency with Electroluminescence
Thin, flexible, durable and energy-saving – these are the top features of high-grade lighting elements based on organic light-emitting diodes. The technological foundation for the production of large area components is being investigated in SCHOTT research labs. [more]

EUV Lithography
Fit for Future Chip Technology
SCHOTT LITHOTEC is a world leader in high-tech optical materials for lithography. In a new project the company is now also developing key materials and components for Extreme Ultraviolet Technology (EUVL). [more]

SCHOTT future
Research with Market Proximity
More than 180 research and development specialists from virtually every SCHOTT production location worldwide recently spent two days at the headquarters in Mainz discussing innovation projects and market proximity. [more]

Nuclear Fusion
A Real Mega Project
A research facility is currently being set up in the south of France near Bordeaux that is heralding in a new era in laser technology. SCHOTT is supplying the laser glass and other important optical components. [more]

Superior Results Through Concerted Efforts
Man’s utilization of the material glass goes back more than 5000 or 6000 years – and yet this most astonishing of materials is still offering an enormous wealth of innovative potential which we're only just beginning to discover. [more]

Analysis and Measurement
Assessing Reliability
When the reliability of glass products has to be assessed or improved, the Analysis and Measurement Department at SCHOTT is an indispensable asset. [more]

Where Gods Watch Over Technology
In India tradition and progress go hand in hand. SCHOTT Glass India is a good example. [more]

Consumer Electronics
Rapid Development Continues
The Society for Information Display (SID) held a conference at SCHOTT in Mainz. Topics included the trends and future prospects of various display technologies. [more]

Catching the Culprit with Cold Light
A handy forensic kit from SCHOTT is a valuable asset in combating crime. [more]

Controlled Reflection
Projector lighting systems call for high-quality, long-life components. SCHOTT develops tailor-made lighting units in collaboration with its customers. [more]

Interior Design
Special Effects with Lighting
In the Bundesrat Building in Berlin, lighting elements with “Conturax” profile rods enhance stylish surroundings with pleasant lighting. [more]

2002 Olympic Winter games
The Flame from Within
The torch carrying the Olympic flame to the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah is crowned with borosilicate glass from SCHOTT. [more]

SCHOTT info online
Media-Ready Articles
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interested surfers will now find the German and English editions of “SCHOTT info.” [more]