The German Chancellor convinced himself of the effectiveness of “Pyranova” fire-resistant glass up close and hands-on.
Michael Bonewitz, Journalist, Bodenheim, Germany

German Chancellor visits SCHOTT

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder had the opportunity to see a successful example of German-German reunification when he visited SCHOTT Jenaer Glas, the company’s original headquarters, during his summer trip through eastern Germany.

For almost four minutes, Chancellor Schroeder stood in front of a flame thrower reaching temperatures of 1000° Celsius. Protected by fire-resistant glass, the chancellor trusted in the product quality and integrity of “Pyranova” from SCHOTT. The highlight was part of a one-and-a-half hour tour in which Schroeder was shown different stations in the successful re-introduction of the Jena company into SCHOTT. Today the facility uses the most modern equipment, for which SCHOTT invested over 150 million euros over the past ten years.

During his visit, the seven millionth “Ceran” glass ceramic cooktop was produced. Schroeder signed the anniversary cooktop, saying he could confirm the top quality and easy use through personal experience. Afterwards the Chancellor was shown the world’s only microfloat production facilities for borosilicate float glass, where top quality fire resistant glass such as “Pyranova” is produced. New applications for borosilicate float glass in photovoltaics, opto-electronics and as glass substrates for displays are showing to be promising.

The last stop during his visit was the apprentice line in the pharmaceutical packaging area. One entire production line is manned solely by apprentices, whose thorough training puts them in the position to take on a large dose of responsibility already during the apprenticeship.

Before leaving, Chancellor Schroeder summarized his visit. “You showed me that your successful reunification and SCHOTT’s market success are closely related to courage and tradition but also very much to highly qualified employees” .