In the transformation process from glass rod to glass bead, no impurities can be allowed to occur.

– a Highly Resistant Borosilicate Glass –

“Duran” products are resistant to corrosion. They do not react with even the most aggressive of chemicals in almost all chemical branches. Borosilicate glass resists the action of water, acids, saline solutions, organic substances and even halogens. In addition, “Duran” glass tubes, capillaries and rods show a good resistance to caustic solutions.

The main area of application is the laboratory supply and chemical sector, from the simple test tube to large, complex technical plants for building chemical equipment. In environmental technology, flue gas desulfurization plants as well as solar collectors are areas of application with a promising future.
All beads are inspected with an illuminated magnifying glass.
The glass beads are polished to a high degree of exactness and roundness. The mechanical removal process is advantageous for the purity of the beads.
The invention of borosilicate glass in 1887–1893 is one of the greatest achievements of company founder Otto SCHOTT.