Art with Light Effects

The lighting installation of Pere Bruix in a room of the Hotel Sants Barceló during the “New Art Barcelona 2000” exhibition of contemporary art.
Evi Arens, Journalist, Mainz, Germany

A World Made of Small Lights

The Spanish artist Pere Bruix works with glass fibers, achieving impressive effects in the process.

The moment he walked into the bathroom with the lighting installation “Above and Beyond the Times” by Pere Bruix, he saw his own multiple image in the mirror. The effect was intensified through an immense number of light dots generated by “Sideglow,” fiber optic lightguides from SCHOTT which emit light laterally.

As in a poem by Borges, the mirrors of the installation also symbolize an attractive, yet frightening reality. They invite us to another world, a world created by a multitude of small lights. They accompany our alter ego, who looks at us from a very close distance and at the same time from far away. The various light points and the drops of water trickling down stand for the irrevocable passage of time. They allow us access to another dimension, a dimension that tempts us to dream about the other side of the mirror.

As Multilayered as a Kaleidoscope

Research done on the complex relationship between spatial and temporal dimensions plays a central role in the works of Pere Bruix. Whether they are paintings, sculptures or artistic installations, Bruix’s art tries to combine and harmonize the visual and pictorial with the metaphysical. His works are multilayered like kaleidoscopes and can therefore be interpreted in more than one way. In the hands of Bruix, the “Sideglow” fibers mutate from a purely functional lighting solution to a material from which dreams are made. Thus, endless lighting design possibilities open up in order to create previously unimaginable new effects.

Pere Bruix: A Life for the Fine Arts

Bruix (51) works as a designer, video and digital technician, photographer and as a graphic designer creating artistic installations.

In addition, Pere Bruix is a drawing, design and image technology professor. He promotes exhibitions and activities for the contemporary art created by the “Art Actual Artistes Associats 4-AS” of Barcelona.

To the Mirror
Why do you persist, mirror without end?
Why do you double, mysterious brother,
the smallest movement of my hand?
Why the sudden reflection in the shadow?
You are the other I the Greek talks about,
and you have always lurked.
In the smoothness of indecisive water and durable glass you search for me; it makes no sense to be blind. gives you revulsion, magical thing, that
dares to multiply the number of things
that we are, that result in our fate. and afterwards another, another, another…

from: Jorge Luis Borges, “Shadows and Tigers”, poems 1966-1972, Fischer Verlag, Germany (translated from the German)