The purchasing pros at BSH’s cooker product area: Gertrude Pohl, lead buyer for glass and glass ceramics and Hanns-Walter Muhr, purchasing manager.
"Bosch" and "Siemens"

The world-wide operations of both global brands

“Bosch” stands for products that are very reliable, easy to handle and have a long useful life. Traditionally, many customers associate the domestic appliances of this brand with refrigerators and freezers. After all, this was the company that brought the very first domestic refrigerator to market in 1933.

“Siemens” is the number 1 brand by far for domestic appliances in Germany. In Europe, it comes right behind the “Bosch” brand. For more than 150 years, the Siemens name has symbolized inventive genius, a cosmopolitan attitude and innovation. “Technical innovations will always be determined by practical relevance and usefulness for mankind”, were the words that company founder Werner von Siemens used to describe his philosophy, which remains alive to this day.

An overview of BSH*

Global turnover: 6.28 billion euros
Core business activities: 312 million euros
Employees: 36,500 world-wide; 16,000 in Germany
Foreign share: 70 percent

*Fiscal year 2000