Shop Window Design

Inge Keller-Hoehl, SCHOTT, Switzerland

A Commercial on Glass

“Amiran” glass as a cinema “screen” – one of the first applications of this type in Europe can be seen in a pilot store belonging to Ericsson in Berne, Switzerland.

Many a pedestrian has stopped to take a closer look. Along the Neuengasse in Berne’s old town, moving images on the sidewalk are getting attention. A glance into the Ericsson shop window reveals the source. A commercial is being shown on a large panel of glass suspended from the ceiling and then reflected onto the sidewalk. The transparent glass screen delivers the message without blocking the view into the store. Even in daylight, the clear contrasts and brilliance of the images come across strong.

“HoloPro” – Transparent Projection

What Ericsson, the international telecommunications company, is using in the window of its Berne store is called “HoloPro” or “holographic projection surface”. A special film is laminated between two sheets of SCHOTT’s “Amiran” glass, giving it special properties. HoloPro is a transparent projection medium. Viewers can look at it and look through it at the same time.

A High Quality Eye-Catcher

Christophe Friedli of Ericsson Schweiz is delighted with it. The Ericsson store was opened last winter and its customers are thrilled. “Our shop window is like a magnet. Particularly when it’s dark, the colors simply jump out of the window.” Whose idea was it to use HoloPro? “Our project team apparently came across this application on the Internet,” says Friedli. Then the whole concept was developed for use in the design of the store. The theme was ‘bright and friendly’. As far as he is aware, Ericsson is one of the first in the world to use HoloPro in a retail application. It was supplied by the Swiss firm Decatron of Volketswil.

The image is projected onto the glass “screen” by a projector in the ceiling. “The image quality is super”, says Friedli, “even when the sun is shining into the window.” The Ericsson store in Berne is a pilot. After a year, a decision will be made about whether further stores of this design will follow. If HoloPro were used in other Ericsson shops, the commercials could be programmed and operated centrally, according to Friedli. Then the same film would be bringing pedestrians all over witzerland to an orchestrated halt.