Research Award

The award ceremony took place during this year’s international glass congress held by the International Glass Commission on Glass in Edinburgh, Scotland. From left to right: Curator Prof. Dr. Gerd Mueller, Dr. Boris Anatoljevich Shakhmatkin, Dr. Natalia Mikhailovna Vedishcheva, Prof. Reinhard Conradt and SCHOTT Board Member Dr. Udo Ungeheuer.
Gabriele Leoff, SCHOTT GLAS, Mainz, Germany

Milestones for Glass Science

This year’s Otto SCHOTT Research Award was granted to Professor Dr. Reinhard Conradt (Institute of Mineral Engineering, Chair of Glass and Ceramic Composites, RWTH Aachen) and to the Russian team, Dr. Boris Anatoljevich Shakhmatkin and Dr. Natalia Mikhailovna Vedishcheva (Institute of Silicate Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg) for exceptional scientific achievements.

In annual alternation with the Carl Zeiss Research Award, SCHOTT seeks to inform a broader public of new scientific achievements in the fields of glass and glass ceramics or optics while also promoting the significance of glass science for technical progress. The quality of the work reflects the top level of glass science internationally.Prof. Conradt received the award “for his conception of a highly versatile approach to thermodynamic modeling of oxide melts and glasses based on constitutional relations of equilibrium phases and for the pioneering results achieved by this approach in the evaluation of physical and chemical properties, particularly chemical resistance, of technical multi-component glasses.”

Dr. Boris Anatoljevich Shakhmatkin and Dr. Natalia Mikhailovna Vedishcheva, received the award “for the development of a rigorous thermodynamic model of oxide melts and glasses based on compound equilibria and for the impressive results obtained by applying this model to the evaluation of physical properties of two-component glass forming systems.”

The award, with a total prize money of 25,000 euro was presented on July 1st, 2001 during an international congress on glass science in Edinburgh (Scotland).