White and hot: Cooking on “Ceran Arcticfire” reminds one of a fire burning under an artic white surface.
Silke Scharhag, Journalist, Mainz, Germany

All in White

With the introduction of “Ceran Arcticfire”, the white glass ceramic cooktop panel, SCHOTT continues with its series of contemporary innovations for household appliances.

Glowing circles surrounded by a white surface that appears cool. Who would even think that these circles are hot enough to boil water? This latest innovation from the SCHOTT Glass Ceramics business segment has been named appropriately: “Ceran Arcticfire”.

This new design unites two important elements: It has all the advantages of the black “Ceran” glass ceramic cooktop panels – a flat and easy to clean surface – while expanding the product selection for cooking appliance manufacturers. Its elegant white fits well with current decorating trends in the furnishings and kitchen industries as it can be easily combined with many other designs.

Market research coupled with passion

The initial timing for developing the bright cooktop panel came from the United States. In the spring of 1999, a project was begun with the purpose of identifying trends in the household appliance industry. The project employed an international and interdisciplinary team because market research had revealed, that white kitchens and household appliances were very trendy. Needless to say, a white cooktop panel was a “must”, because it could be easily integrated into the whole kitchen design and the bright surroundings provided additional creative possibilities for customers.

This was the incentive that the “Ceran Arcticfire” development project needed. In the fall of 1999, the project was given top priority. Experts from the research and technology development departments were put to work. Soon, the whole team was working so passionately and with such commitment that in just a few months, “Ceran Arcticfire” became a reality.

Elegant, yet easy to clean

The new, white cooktop panel design variant named “Ceran Arcticfire” offers service characteristics similar to the successful “Ceran Hightrans”.
“Ceran Arcticfire” lights up in orange instead of red – as is the case with “Ceran Hightrans” – because it scatters light differently. Otherwise, the white glass ceramics offer characteristics similar to those offered by its successful black counterpart, namely a flat and therefore easy to clean surface that can “think” during cooking and also uses little energy.

“Ceran Arcticfire” cooktop panels can be freely combined with all heating elements, as can the dark panels. The creative possibilities offered by the new product selection also apply to “Ceran Arcticfire” because it takes into account the varied wishes of customers. The design possibilities even include the frames of the cooktop panels. Numerous plastic or stainless steel framings are available so the customer has the last word regarding the look of the new stove. At any rate, some like it hot and “Ceran Arcticfire” opens up a world of new possibilities.