A view of one of Sulzer Textil‘s pilot customer‘s weaving rooms. Several million meters of high quality fabric have been produced so far on a total of 24 M8300 machines.
Sulzer Textil

Innovative and local to its customers

The Sulzer Textil technology center in the Swiss town of Rueti is the world‘s leading research and development facility in the weaving industry and plays a role of central importance. At its heart is the Sulzer Textil Trial Weaving and Weaving Development Center complete with modern laboratory, test and demonstration areas. Here Sulzer Textil, working with its textile industry customers, yarn manufacturers and fabric specialists, develops new technologies and processes for every area of application. Sulzer Textil has a 25 percent share of the world market. It is the only manufacturer supplying all four of the world‘s leading weaving systems: rapier, projectile, multi-phase and air-jet weaving. The company has 2,000 employees and its sales in the last fiscal year were 685 million CHF, an increase of five percent over the previous year.

Milestones in weaving

Ergonomic design and user-friendly controls and operation make the work easier for weaving personnel.
Staggered, the weft yarns are inserted and fed to the edge of the material by the movement of the rotor.
  • Origin in the Neolithic Period: first material found at Çatalhüyük, a large Turkish settlement from the early Neolithic Period
  • Evidence from bog corpses in the Bronze Age
  • Hallstatt Period: weaving of complicated patterns using vertical looms
  • Step loom in the 13th Century
  • J. Kay‘s invention of the flying shuttle in 1733 increased the speed of hand weaving.
  • E. Cartwright invented the power loom in 1785
  • T. Gorton‘s loom driven by steam power in 1787
  • J. M. Jacquard‘s pattern loom (1805)
  • Improvement of the power loom by R. Robert in 1822
  • First electrically driven loom by Werner Siemens in 1879
  • Round loom by J. and K. Herold (1897)
  • Rapier looms by D. M. Seaton (1907) and J. Gabler (1927)
  • Projectile (“Sulzer”) looms by R. Rossmann since 1928
  • 1995: The M8300 multi-phase weaving machine is demonstrated for the first time at the International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA)´95 by Sulzer Textil of Rueti, Switzerland