Oscar van Gerwen, Philips Optical Storage, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Power for Philips

What are the capabilities you value at SCHOTT?

Van Gerwen: First, SCHOTT's know-how in the manufacturing of raw glass and pre-forms. We were extremely successful when we started implementing the first steps of our process at SCHOTT back in 1999. Furthermore, we are also impressed by how much “power” SCHOTT brings into this project – both in terms of investment and work force.

How do you assess the cooperation?

Van Gerwen: The cooperation is characterized by an openness that is very rare in this branch. From the very beginning, in December 1998, we worked together in a win-win situation: For SCHOTT it was the opening-up of new markets and for Philips the concentration on its core business.

Will you expand the cooperation?

Van Gerwen: Yes, we are planning to transfer the subsequent production steps of the spherical lens process to SCHOTT as well. Regarding future cooperation in the optical glass manufacturing for CDs/DVDs, we have planned to start negotiating with other Philips plants.

How do you judge the future of DVD and DVR?

Van Gerwen: By all means positive for DVDs. Philips is counting on an annual increase in demand that will more than double. As far as DVRs are concerned, right now we can‘t assess how the market will develop.