“Mirogard” compared to conventional glass. The non-reflective glass (left) allows a clear view of Rembrandt’s ‘Golden Helmet’ which can be seen in the ‘Gemäldegalerie’ in Berlin.
Functional Glass with Added Advantages

“Mirogard“ compared to conventional glass:

"Mirogard"/"Mirogard Protect" Window glass
Degree of reflection 0,9 % approx. 8 %
Degree of transmission 99 % approx. 91 %
color rendition
outstanding, true
Splinter protection high with "Mirogard Protect" none
medium to high with "Mirogard Protect",
depending on glass thickness
(300-380 nm)
99 %, with "Mirogard Protect"
Standard 3/2

Advantages of “Mirogard Protect”:

Structure of a “Mirogard Protect” pane
True color rendition
No distracting reflections
Practically invisible
Protection against prohibited access against splinters in case of breakageagainst substance damage caused by UV rays
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