Fiber optics bring out the features

Approximately 170 generators and 23,000 meters of glass fiber allow thousands of light dots to shine in the first of four “Millennium” cruise ships. Some of the important areas of application are:
  • Lighting in front of the elevators on each floor and around the panoramic elevators on decks 3 to 11
  • Showcase, picture and bar lighting
  • Starry sky in the theater auditorium (600 light dots), fitness club, playroom, piano bar and youth disco
  • Glass rocks lit by fiber optics in the swimming pool area
  • Decoration done with “Conturax” profile rods lit by fiber optics.

Millennium: More Comfort for Passengers

Dimensions Crew Decks, GRT
269 m long
28 m wide
32 m high
approved for
5.016 passengers and
1.134 crew members
10 decks
46.328 gross registered tons
294 m long
32,2 m wide
62,5 m high
approved for
2.450 passengers and
997 crew members
12 Decks
91.000 gross registered tons