Less weight with same function: “ZERODUR®” mirror carriers with honeycomb structure.
Wide applications spectrum

Process and technology optimization is one of the focuses of the fine machining center, as well as the expansion and improvement of potential applications of existing materials and products. Examples of applications are:
  • Astronomy: introduction of complex lightweight structures in “ZERODUR®” mirror carriers and as a result further weight reduction for telescopes

  • Sensorics:“ZERODUR®” housings for transportable metal analyzers (currently in testing phase)

  • Lithography: “ZERODUR®” as a precision component for positioning systems (reticle/wafer stages) in wafersteppers

  • Measurement: glass ceramic components (including deep hole drilling if required) for high accuracy length/angle measurement e.g. in laser gyroscopes in aeronautics and space travel

  • Optoelectronics: mini glass disks for windows in light-emitting-diodes (LED)

  • Household appliances: edge treatment of flat glass components.