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Rebuilding the East
From Collective to joint-stock company
Dr. Leopold von Heimendahl and Dr. Udo Ungeheuer discuss the rocky road that SCHOTT Jenaer Glas GmbH had to travel on its way to becoming profitable. [more]

Successful Integration
SCHOTT’s commitment to Jena is a success story. Today SJG manufactures competitive products and is fully integrated into the group. [more]

Fiber Optics
The Energetic Look
BMW has upgraded its current 5 Series models by giving them a convincing facelift. The most obvious new feature is the redesigned front headlight that now incorporates light guides from SCHOTT. [more]

Glass Processing
Implementing Innovation Faster
With its new fine machining center in Mainz, SCHOTT intends to develop and install technologies for the production of prototypes. [more]

From Tube to Funnel
As one of the biggest European television glass manufacturers, SCHOTT has taken the initiative regarding recycling. The goal is clear: special glass should no longer land in the dump, rather should be used as a valuable secondary raw material. [more]

X-ray Protection Glass
High Tech for the Heart
The Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, a unit of the Heart and Diabetes Center of North Rhine-Westphalia, uses X-ray protection glass made by SCHOTT Spezialglas AG, Standort Grünenplan. [more]

Growth in Optics
With a quarter century of success behind it, SCHOTT Glass Malaysia is looking ahead to a promising future. [more]

Luxury Liner with Dots of Light
It took more than two years for the French shipyard Chantiers de l’Atlantique to build the first “Millennium” cruiser for the Norwegian shipping company Royal Caribbean Cruises. On board is the fiber optic lighting technique developed by SCHOTT. [more]

Glass Prisms as Light Sources
The “Conturax” profile rods made by SCHOTT-Rohrglas offer architects and planners the opportunity to utilize sunlight creatively and functionally. [more]

Picture glazing
Protection with True Rendition
The Albertina palace in Vienna houses one of the largest and most valuable graphic collections in the world. “Mirogard Protect” offers safe protection against UV rays and vandalism. [more]

Spherical Lenses Lead the Way to the Mass Market
SCHOTT manufactures high-quality spherical lenses in series for the scanning heads of optical data storage systems. Working closely with its client Philips, SCHOTT has been able to capture for the first time a mass market for optical glass. [more]

Automotive Electronics
Sensor Improves Visibility
A high tech sensor installed in a car activates windshield wipers when needed, offering additional riding comfort and improved safety. Coated optical filters from SCHOTT are located inside the measuring system and provide accurate signal detection. [more]

Fire Resistant Glass
Shopping without Boundaries
In the world’s first interactive cybershopping mall, “Pyran S” fire resistant glass contributes to safety. [more]

Glass Art
Composed Light
The recent donation of his massive glass sculpture “Sail” to the University of Central Florida provides yet another opportunity for SCHOTT Glass Technologies to showcase the astonishing art of the company’s artist-in-residence, Christopher Ries. [more]