More than 3 billion items of information

A full blueprint of the human body can be found in 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell. The chromosomes consists of a DNA double helix comprising the four chemical components thymine, guanine, adenine and cytosine. Our DNA contains more than three billion items of information which, in total, form the genome. Approximately three percent of these items of information are contained in the genes that control our cells. Part of the DNA activates or deactivates the genes at a given time within the body’s development. What the rest of the information does is unknown.

The code of life

Decoding a gene sequence

Gel electrophoresis with twin-set plates. Under a laser beam the fragments fluoresce in specific colors so that they can be reconstructed by a computer.

Special glass with top properties

The special features of "BOROFLOAT” are:
  • Uniform material strength
  • Extremely flat surface
  • Highly smooth surface
  • Low background fluorescence
  • High transparency in the UV/VIS and IR range
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low tendency to corrode