Otto SCHOTT Research Prize

Milestones in glass science

This prize, which is endowed with 25,000 euros, is awarded every other year, alternating with the Carl Zeiss Research Prize.
Research Prize Award winner Subject
1991 Prof. Werner Vogel, Jena, Germany Use of electron microscopy to clarify “demixing phenomena” in glasses
Dr. Hideo Husono, Nagoya, Japan Investigations into defect structures in glasses plus the development of new phosphate based glasses and glass-ceramics (SCHOTT information 58/91)
1993 Dr. Dieter Fuchs, Würzburg, Germany Analyses of damage to glass surfaces, glass sensors for the early detection of corrosion damage
Dr. Phabat K. Gupta, Columbia, USA Research into the structural relaxation of glass fibers plus the hardness and brittle breakage behavior of glass
1995 Dr. David L. Griscom, Washington D.C., USA New insights into the structure and properties of glasses and glass-ceramics with the help of electron spin resonance (SCHOTT information 75/95)
1997 Prof. R.G.C.Beerkens

Dr. A.J. Faber, Ir. H.P.H. Muysenberg, Ir. F. Simonis

(all TNO Institute of Applied Physics Glass Technology), Eindhoven, Netherlands
Optimization of glass melting processes through mathematical simulation models (SCHOTT information 82/97)
1999 Prof. Elias Snitzer, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA Basics of laser glass research
Dr. John H. Campbell, University of Califormia. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA, USA Development of laser glasses for nuclear fusion research (SCHOTT info 91/1999)