Interior Decoration

The system allows one to create artistic patterns with 120 points of light.
Bettina Fischer, SCHOTT Faseroptik, Mainz, Germany

Heavenly Light

Based on the latest fiber optic technology, the SCHOTT Easy-Fit Star Kit gives every do-it-yourselfer the opportunity to create impressive light effects.

With its SCHOTT Easy-Fit Star Kit, SCHOTT has introduced a standard set for installing a starry sky illuminated by a fiber optic system. This set includes everything necessary for fast and easy installation. Previous knowledge of fiber optics is not needed.
New distinctive features with fiber optics that can be installed at home.
A 35-watt halogen lamp and 120 arms of fiber optic light guides create the 120 points of light. A firmly mounted color wheel (two different wheels are available) create the impressive light effects.

Only a few basic installation guidelines should be observed: The room should be well-ventilated and waterproof; moreover, the light source should be easily accessible in order to change the bulb easily. Plus there should be enough space around the light source in order to allow the light guides to spread out. The maximum diameter of the star pattern is 2.8 meters (3 yards), with the light source located in the center of the pattern. The kit comes with a standard plug or it can be connected to an existing circuit. Apart from changing the bulbs, the whole system is maintenance-free.

Areas of application

The SCHOTT Easy-Fit Star Kit allows you to create spectacular light effects everywhere – in homes, offices or in stores. Some examples of applications are:
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms and living rooms
  • Saunas
  • Swimming pools
  • Offices, meeting rooms
  • Bars, cafes, restaurants

Advantages of the Easy-Fit Star Kit

  • Easy installation
  • Allows a variety of designs
  • Spectacular light effects
  • Low maintenance
  • Safety: the fiber optics conduct only light and no electricity