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Vision 2010
Guiding Star for the Future
With its “Vision 2010” SCHOTT has updated its view to the future. Chairman of the Board of Management Dr. Leopold von Heimendahl discusses the motives and goals of this realignment. [more]

“ZERODUR®” Glass Ceramic
Discovering the Past
The Gran Telescopio Canarias is set to become the world’s biggest telescope. SCHOTT is supplying 42 “ZERODUR®” glass ceramic mirror carriers for the project. [more]

Ultramodern Measuring Technology
The manufacture of mirror segments for telescopes like the Grantecan calls for close cooperation between production and measuring technology. [more]

Interview with GTC director Dr. Pedro Álvarez
In Search of Faint Objects
The outstandingly high image quality of the GTC will enable astronomers to explore other planetary systems. [more]

Cooperation with Vision
A cooperation agreement between SCHOTT and the Chinese television glass manufacturer ACBC allows the partners to react to the growing demand for large format sets in China. [more]

Light Architecture
Floating Sculpture
Internationally renowned architects, designers and engineers have collaborated to create the world’s largest light sculpture. It is made with “Duran” from SCHOTT. [more]

Burner Media
Playing with fire
The British fireplace manufacturer CVO is betting on the “SCHOTT Ceramat” burner medium for different models of its gas-powered fireplaces, thus achieving beautiful flame aesthetics. [more]

Cathode Ray Tubes
Still on the air
The cathode ray tube, prematurely pronounced dead on many occasions, was the subject of an international symposium at SCHOTT, Europe’s biggest television glass manufacturer. [more]

Fine Cooking
In the Berlin Reichstag, the chefs cook on “Ceran” glass ceramic cooktops. [more]

New Optical Materials
As valuable as Gold
SCHOTT ML has opened a calcium fluoride crystal factory with the world’s largest production capacity. [more]

Interactive Forum
Creative Possibilities for Designers
An interactive forum called “Design in Glass” allowed industrial designers to familiarize themselves with the characteristics and creative possibilities that glass can offer. The design event was organized by SCHOTT Schleiffer sales and marketing in Switzerland. [more]

Lighting Systems
Entertainment on a Superlative Scale
With the opening of Sony’s new entertainment complex in Tokyo, the future of cinema has already begun. The creative use of Hoya-SCHOTT’s fiber optics for lighting helps give the complex its unique futuristic atmosphere. [more]

Interior Decoration
Heavenly Light
Based on the latest fiber optic technology, the SCHOTT Easy-Fit Star Kit gives every do-it-yourselfer the opportunity to create impressive light effects. [more]

Room Installation
Glassy Genetic Codes
Artist Helga Griffiths transforms SCHOTT Petri dishes and test tubes into unusual works of art. [more]

A Bizarre Builder
In the heart of Barcelona’s busy downtown, Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces continue to fascinate visitors. The interior of the Casa Milá apartment building can now be admired from the street thanks to non-reflective ”Amiran” glass made by SCHOTT Spezialglas AG, Standort Grünenplan. [more]