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Mirror Substrate
Exploring Space
In 1903 SCHOTT supplied the first mirror substrate of a larger dimension for a telescope. Ever since, astronomical mirrors made by SCHOTT have been making decisive contributions to the exploration of the universe. Here are some highlights of the past 100 years. [more]

Telescope Projects
Ever Larger and More Powerful
At the world’s largest astronomy conference held in Hawaii, 2,200 participants discussed current and future telescope projects. SCHOTT GLAS was represented by experts and an exhibit. [more]

Bioactive Glass Powder
Gentle to the Skin – Tough on Bacteria
Eye shadow or make-up made with glass powder? It may sound implausible, but it is possible. Glass in powder form is very kind to the skin and even has anti-microbial properties. So it is no surprise that the cosmetic industry has welcomed “Vitryxx,” a bioactive glass powder from SCHOTT. [more]

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Better, Faster, Safer
With its new plant site, the Indonesian manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging, SCHOTT Igar Glass, is setting its sights on the quality and growth markets of the Asian-Pacific region. [more]

Home Appliance Industry
An Innovation Partner
SCHOTT Gemtron Corporation, a joint venture company in which SCHOTT has a majority interest, is a leading supplier and R & D partner to the North American home appliance industry. [more]

Digital Projectors
Home Movie Projectors on the Rise
Projectors that convert data to pixels and cast the resulting images onto a screen or wall are widespread in professional life. The next conquest of these digital projectors is the home cinema. SCHOTT is a major supplier of optical components for such projectors. [more]

Working through the Keyhole
Many surgical operations are becoming increasingly less invasive and post-operative scarring is being reduced to a minimum. Endoscopes are an indispensable tool for many surgical procedures. These instruments enable surgeons to see the “invisible.” [more]

Glass Artists
Each Piece is Unique
Glass artists around the world work with “Duran” borosilicate glass produced by Schott-Rohrglas. In England alone, the company has some 100 customers who are glassblowers. One exam-ple is Lichfield Studio Glass in Rugeley, near Birmingham. [more]

Barrier Coatings
Protecting PET Bottles
With its worldwide patented Plasma Impulse Chemical Vapor Deposition (PICVD) process, SCHOTT HiCotec has achieved a major breakthrough in barrier coatings for plastic packaging. In collaboration with SIG Corpoplast, coating plants will now be built that will enable an economic mass production of coated PET bottles. [more]

Color Effect Glass
A Vision in Transparency
SCHOTT has contributed to an exciting new office complex located in the center of Hanover, Germany, by supplying the blue-gold color effect glass for the top of the NORD/LB bank building. [more]

Light Guides
Making Something Heavy Light
Concrete brings to mind gray facades, plain bridges, dreary basement garages and indistinctive high-rise buildings on the outskirts of cities. Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi has demonstrated that this construction material can look quite different. Light guides from SCHOTT play an important role in his concept. [more]