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Special Plastic
A Healthy Shot of Innovation
SCHOTT has expanded its product range for the pharmaceutical industry. Syringes made of “Topas” special plastic are produced at SCHOTT Polymer GmbH in St. Gallen. [more]

From “Micro” to “Nano”
The technological race in the field of microelectronics is continuing at an undiminished pace. SCHOTT LITHOTEC supplies materials for wafer steppers with which it is possible to produce still tinier chips. [more]

Being Smart with Solar Technology
The main objective of the joint venture between SCHOTT and RWE is to become a top player among the manufacturers of photovoltaic solar cells. RWE SCHOTT Solar GmbH in Alzenau has already taken the first giant step in this direction with the opening of its new “SmartSolarFab” plant. [more]

A Strong Team
Dr. Winfried Hoffmann, Chairman of the Managing Board of RWE SCHOTT Solar GmbH, and Michael Harre, responsible for Marketing and Sales on the Board, discuss the strengths of the new joint venture and the perspectives for photovoltaics. [more]

Gas Stoves
A Productive Partnership
The close relations between Rinnai, the Japanese manufacturer of household appliances, and SCHOTT have thrived for more than 25 years. “Ceran” glass ceramic cooktops produced by SCHOTT are used in Rinnai’s gas stoves. The two companies intend to step up their joint activities – especially in Asia. [more]

PICVD Coating Technology
Plastics with a Touch of Glass
SCHOTT HiCotec adds value to plastic products using PICVD coating technology. [more]

Nobel Prize
The Father of X-Ray Astronomy
One of the three Nobel Prize laureates in physics in 2002 was the Italian-born scientist Riccardo Giacconi: he discovered the first X-ray sources outside our solar system and developed the first X-ray telescope. He also made a major contribution to NASA’s X-ray satellite “Chandra,” in which “ZERODUR®“ was used as a mirror substrate. [more]

Fluorescence Spectroscopy
On the Lookout for Microparticles
With their modern measuring technology for fluorescence spectroscopy, SCHOTT experts can detect impurities of less than 50 ppb in optical materials. [more]

Used Television Glass
Recycling instead of Dumping
Advances in recycling possibilities for television screen glass and in European waste management laws are helping to promote the reprocessing of used television glass in Europe. As a major producer of television glass, SCHOTT is a motor of this development. [more]

Rosengart Collection
How Miró came to “Mirogard“
Lucerne has a new museum called the Rosengart Collection. It features well over 200 paintings, watercolors and sketches produced by outstanding Impressionist and Classic Modern artists. These invaluable works are protected by anti-reflective “Mirogard” glass. [more]

Fiber Optics
A Shining Beacon
A unique building at Volkswagen AG’s Transparent Factory in Dresden never fails to fascinate visitors: a gigantic globe that shines in constantly changing colors – with the help of fiber optics from SCHOTT. [more]