communications campaign

Petra Schick, SCHOTT AG

Live at the Scene

With a new communications campaign SCHOTT aims to strengthen its image as a marketed-oriented and innovative company.
Following the image campaign that centered on corporate values, a new communications campaign shows what SCHOTT actually does and where. The tireless efforts of SCHOTT employees to find optimized solutions for their customers as well as their unflagging commitment, passion and ambition to be better – all this is the focal point of the new communications campaign.

The message is clear and simple: with our cutting-edge technological know-how and our innovative ideas, we help our customers succeed – around the world, around the clock.
Presented in the style of a documentary, the campaign reports what is currently happening at SCHOTT. The motto is around the world, around the clock – whether in Europe, in the United States, in South America or in Asia; in a variety of situations and always featuring SCHOTT staff. The campaign offers a glimpse of everyday life at the company and presents interesting achievements at all levels.
Dynamic and attention-grabbing photographs underline the live character of the campaign.

The new image campaign concentrates on certain core businesses and particularly promising markets, for example, white goods, pharmaceutical packaging, information technologies, automotive, solar energy, biochips, bioactive glass and advanced coatings.
Whether advertising, events, trade fairs, the Internet or public relations – all communication activities around the world will be harmonized in order to convey a single message: the image of a market-oriented, innovative high-tech company.

The advertisements will appear in selected international trade and technical publications beginning in November 2002 – in other words, in those journals read by our customers and their customers.