With the production of the 500th crystal, SCHOTT LITHOTEC is further expanding its leading position as supplier of high performance materials and components for lithography.
Agnes Hübscher, Investor Relations,

Further Growth

In spite of the economic downturn in the semiconductor industry, SCHOTT LITHOTEC AG is continuing to make good progress in the development of its business in materials and components for lithography.

Last autumn, SCHOTT LITHOTEC opened a further calcium fluoride facility in Jena, Germany and at the end of June it achieved a new milestone with the production of the 500th calcium fluoride crystal from one of the new crystal growing facilities in Jena. SCHOTT LITHOTEC has once again substantially strengthened its leading position in technology, quality and production of calcium fluoride crystals and now has a world market share of about 80 percent for this high performance material.

As a leading manufacturer of high-tech optical materials and components for lithography, and the only company worldwide offering the entire spectrum of optical materials and components for the semiconductor industry’s current and future lithography technologies, SCHOTT LITHOTEC AG has grown dynamically since it was founded. The number of employees has increased to 400 and sales have nearly doubled annually. More than 100 million euros have been invested in the expansion of the production facilities for calcium fluoride crystals. Two new plants have started operations in Jena with internally developed crystal growing facilities. This expansion has not only resulted in the company having the largest capacity in the world for the growth of calcium fluoride crystals, but it is also the only supplier in the world producing crystals to an unequalled degree of purity, with diameters up to 350 millimeters and weighing well over 100 kilograms.

Calcium fluoride crystals are playing a key role for the latest and forthcoming generation of 193 and 157 nanometer technology semiconductor chips.