German TV chef Frank Buchholz is delighted with the gigantic cooktop panel measuring some 3.2 x 1.2 meters. It is the biggest glass-ceramic panel in the world.
A Million Fold Success

Marks the beginning of the success story, when the prototype of a cooker with a “Ceran” cooktop panel was presented for the first time at the “Domotechnica” trade fair in Cologne.

SCHOTT initiates industrial-scale mass production of the glass ceramic panels.

All leading German appliance manufacturers offer cookers with “Ceran” cooktop panels in their product lines.

SCHOTT produces the millionth glass ceramic panel.

The 10 millionth “Ceran” cooktop panel leaves the plant.

SCHOTT reaches the magic number of 50 million. If all the “Ceran” cooktop panels produced so far were placed end to end, they would extend 30,000 kilometers, i.e. three quarters of the Earth’s circumference!