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Increasing Efficiency
With “SCHOTT Slide A” SCHOTT has developed a coated substrate for microarrays that makes it possible to carry out a more reliable analysis of DNA activity. [more]

Innovation offensive
Becoming Partners
SCHOTT’s innovation offensive is getting a further boost from its new “Health” business. [more]

Where Life Revolves Around Mealtime
SCHOTT has opened its first production facilities in China. With investments of some 11 million euros, the company has opened a plant for the processing of “Ceran” glass-ceramic cooktop panels and “SCHOTT” flat glass near Shanghai. [more]

The 50 millionth “Ceran” cooktop panel
A Truly Hot Item
At a special event held in Mainz, SCHOTT GLAS celebrated the production of the 50 millionth “Ceran” cooktop panel. [more]

Exactly to the Point
With its new development, “Fiber Optical Information & Visualization Equipment,” SCHOTT Fiber Optics plans to revolutionize the technology of variable message signs. [more]

Further Growth
In spite of the economic downturn in the semiconductor industry, SCHOTT LITHOTEC AG is continuing to make good progress in the development of its business in materials and components for lithography. [more]

Optical component
Competently Close to Customers
For SCHOTT Guinchard, the Swiss precision optical component specialist, the secret of success is “converting customer needs into customer benefits”. [more]

Fire safety
A Touch of Luxury
The central railroad station in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, has received a complete overhaul. “Pyran S” fire-resistant glass from SCHOTT was installed for fire safety. [more]

Breakthrough Under Ground
Do neutrinos change type as they travel from the sun to the Earth? Scientists at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory have answered this key question of physics, using special glass from SCHOTT. [more]

Practice for Well-being
SCHOTT Spezialglas AG, Standort Grünenplan glass washbasins have many admirers for their elegant and functional design not only in the home bathroom, but also in dental practices. [more]

Key projects for the future
Luminescent Polymers
In a new high-tech research lab, the SCHOTT technology group has launched one of its key projects for the future – organic light-emitting diodes for lighting elements. [more]

Mont Blanc tunnel
Seeing the Light in Case of Emergency
The Mont Blanc tunnel reopened for traffic on March 9, 2002 introducing new installations to provide greater safety. One feature is, for example, an escape tunnel with a lighting system constructed with SCHOTT glass. [more]

Anti-reflective “Conturan” glass
Driven to Perfection
With its new “Phaeton” model, the German car manufacturer VW has introduced its first luxury-class sedan to the market. Anti-reflective “Conturan” glass from SCHOTT Spezialglas AG, Standort Grünenplan allowed greater freedom in the design. [more]