Functional Diversity

The new modular LED product line for machine vision and industrial OEM use covers a wide range of user requirements:

  • Ringlight: for shadow-free illumination in pattern recognition;
  • Diffuse Dome Ringlight: used as an attachable accessory to eliminate reflections on shiny surfaces;
  • Darkfield Ringlight: uses low-angle lighting to make surface structures (e.g. engravings, scratches) visible;
  • Spotlight: for local or background illumination, also in combination with coaxial adapter, detachable diffuser, or spotlight polarizer;
  • Special Backlight: for transmitted light recognition of transparent materials or diffuse illumination.

A better view with machine vision

Application examples for electronic light sources
Sector Object What is evaluated?
Automobile industry Injection molded parts Geometry, measurements, form, color
Surface defects in the paint
Paint coating Oberflächendefekte in der Lackierung
Blister Packs Packing defects, filling defects, color, form, printing
Ampoules, vials Damage, capacity, non-presence of particles, legible labeling
Semiconductor industry Circuit board
(equipped or bare)
Surface defects, broken circuit path, missing components,
placing of components (in combination with robotics)
Food industry Bottle filling Capacity, seal defects
Chocolate-chip cookies Number of chocolate chips in a cookie
Printing industry Four color printing Color print control, positioning
Rolled material Paper, steel, film Surface defects, scratches, defective sections