Current crystal growth research topics

Research and development activities are determined by the specific requirements of the particular application. There are, however, common problems for all crystal growth technologies that are waiting for a solution.
  • The facilities need to be enlarged so that bigger crystals can be grown and, as a result, productivity and yield increased.
  • Crystal defects, which have an adverse effect on the performance and function of the products manufactured from the crystals, must be avoided.
  • The formation of certain crystal defects must be controlled to adapt the physical and chemical properties of the crystals to the requirements of the particular applications.
  • A high degree of reproducibility must be achieved for all the relevant crystal properties in the micro and macro range.
Areas of
Estimated share of
world production
(20,000 t)
Semiconductors 60%
Scintillation 12%
Optics 10%
Acoustic optics 10%
Laser & non-linear crystals 5%
Jewelry & watch industry 3%